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What we love…

beautiful illustrations, lovely storytelling, and lots of options including 2 different illustration styles

What we’d love to see…

more interactive elements


A picture book story lovingly told through beautiful illustrations, animations, and sound effects, sure to be loved by all readers.

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The Mud MonsterThe Mud Monster by Tizio Publishing is a story lovingly told through brilliant artistic illustrations, animations, and amazing sound effects.  It is written by Chantal Bourgonje, author of Fierce Grey Mouse and Finn’s Paper Hat.  It recounts the adventure of three friends (a turtle, a goose, and a hare) and what happens when they encounter the Mud Monster. It is a circular story, and a very gentle tale of the three friends day; it will be enjoyed by children from toddlers to early elementary school age.

iPhone Screenshot 2I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are two versions of the story included in this app.  The story itself is identical; the difference is in the way it is illustrated.  Both versions are equally beautiful and my kids and I couldn’t decide which version we liked better, so we decided we liked both.

The app is loaded with options.  It is read by three different narrators in American English, British English, and Dutch.  You can also read it by yourself.  Words are highlighted; colored, and enlarged as they are read whether or not the narration is enabled.  I love this because children can follow along easily as the story is read.  You can turn off word highlighting and enlargement through the easily accessible options menu.  You can also turn the music on and off as well as disable auto play.

iPhone Screenshot 4My children and I enjoyed this app.  The illustrations and sound effects made us feel like we were transported to another world.  However, there are not very many interactive elements in this story. The only interactivity I found besides the “lights” turning on and off when clicking on the in-story menu is the ability to move the three friends around on the map page.  I actually thought this was great because I was able to use that part of the app to teach and reinforce my children’s ability to give and understand cardinal directions.

I would love to see more interactivity in future updates.  My six-year-old daughter was a little confused at first when she was able to move the animals around the map page, but could not do anything else with them in the other pages.  She kept tapping different areas to see if anything would happen.  Other than that, she enjoyed this book immensely.

Overall, this is an excellent picture book presented in a very unique way and is sure to be loved by both children and parents.

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To download please use this link: The Mud Monster – Tizio BV


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