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What we love…

easy to use online behavior and chore chart that parents can customize to meet their child(ren)’s specific needs

What we’d love to see…

simplified setup with a “quickstart”; simplified visual set up for children perhaps incorporating more color or stickers as a visual reward; locking of external links on the parent dashboard


Easy to use online version of a chore chart that fits in your pocket at a great pricepoint.

Our Rating

Creating Character "In Kids"Creating Character in kids by Character Counts is an on the go behavioral/chore chart for kids that is accessible anywhere you go at anytime. This means that if your child is a helper and engages in positive behavior when you are out and about instead of waiting to get home and potentially forgetting to give them a star or point on their chore chart, you can do it then and there or alternatively, you can remove points for bad behavior. Character Counts lets parents set up the chores and then either the child or the parent can log in to give or remove points via a iOS device. It’s a modern day version of the paper behavior and chore chart that I remember from my childhood.

I liked the customization of the app and the fact that it allowed me to select goals based on my son and reward points appropriately based on what I felt was an appropriate setting. It was very easy once the app was set up, to have either myself or my son go into the app and select which goals he had met or had not met for the day. The app provides positive reinforcement for meeting your goals with a “Yay” and a “oh no” for not meeting your goals. The consequences section allows you to select different consequences if your child should not meet their goals – I did not use this section much with my five year old, but I think it would be valuable for an older child. I also liked that I could login at any time to update the goals and consequences when I had a connection and it would be updated no matter what iOS device I was using. I also liked that it can be used for multiple children at the same time which is great for families or parents.

In terms of enhancements, I would like to see the setup for the app simplified. It took me 20 minutes to set my son up for the first time. While I understand that it is important to set up the app for the first time, I’d like to see a “quick start” version that allows you to quickly go in and pick goals so you can begin using it within 15 – 20 minutes of downloading the app for the first time. It would also be nicer if the interface, especially for the kids was simplified and perhaps even gave “sticker” rewards or some other type of visual reward when a positive action was recorded. My son kept asking me, why am I not earning stickers? It would also be nice if for kids you could use a series of a couple of numbers for the login to simplify it for them or allow them to save it.

The app does contain external links to share it via email, Twitter and Facebook on the parent login – and I think it would be helpful to install a lock on it, just in case children accidentally get into this portion of the app to mark off their goals. This is not available on the child side.

Overall, this online version of the chore chart is easy to use once it is setup and provides reinforcement to children for both positive and negative behaviors as well as ensuring that they complete their chores and are held accountable. it is a good value for all of the content included.

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