What we love…

Beautiful illustrations, fun mini games that make young readers smile and laugh.

What we’d love to see…

Text highlighting in a different color for better contrast, separate controls for sound effects, narration and music, shorter loading time in between pages and a page menu.


A highly enjoyable storybook app about friends having fun together while presenting a wonderful opportunity to introduce diversity in friendship to young children.

Our Rating


CuddleFish Friends is an interactive storybook app about 6 sea animal friends and the fun things that they do together. They race each other, chomp down their snacks, visit the palace, have burping sessions, comfort each other in their secret hideout under the blanket and have sleepovers. But best of all, your child can join in the fun in some of their games like sand fights, tug of war and explore a sea organ that plays funny sounds.


There are a total of 12 interactive pages in this story (not too long nor too short) and there are supportive features for the younger readers. The text are narrated (option to turn off) and the individual words expand when being read. You can also touch individual words to hear them (great for teaching word recognition) and prompts appear when a child needs help on what to do. There is also an option to turn off the audio but unfortunately this not only affects the background music and narration but the sound effects as well. There should be separate controls for these 3 audio components.



On the whole, this is a highly enjoyable storybook app with brilliant illustrations and cute characters. The music is calm (I like the sounds of water bubbles in some pages) and the story ends with a bedtime scene that may put your kid in a sleepy mood. Since these 6 friends are of different types of sea animals (cuttlefish, sea turtle, sea horse, jellyfish and killer whale), this book also presents a perfect opportunity for you to talk about diversity in friendship.

20131016-233559.jpgMy son really enjoyed this book and kept going back to his favorite pages (I would love to have a page menu) especially the burping session (touch the whale’s tale to hear a surprise)! If you have a child who loves playful antics like mine, he will really like CuddleFish Friends.




CuddleFish Friends – An underwater interactive adventure – SuperBot Entertainment and Section Studios

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Grace was working in the fields of early childhood education and staff training before quitting to attend to her 4 children full time. She and her family live in Singapore, which is well known for her highly competitive education system.

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