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Interesting characters, magical story, great graphics, unique educational games and little surprises to find.

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Some information to explain how to navigate within the app for those who needs it.


The combination of a magical story and unique games with many difficulty levels in Magic Stones will keep kids mentally active and entertained for hours.

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Magic Stones by Every1plays is an adventure game cum storybook of a young sorcerer apprentice’s quest to restore order in the Land of the Magic Stones that was destroyed by a dragon. It is a quest that will test your child’s general knowledge, ability to concentrate, matching, problem solving and visual-spatial skills while he immerses himself in the young sorcerer’s adventures. Guided only by a smart bat, your child has to complete many tasks of increasing complexity to earn precious ingredients for making the magic stones that will bring a happy ending for all in the Land of the Magic Stones.

There are a few sections in this app and these are revealed to your child one by one as he progresses through the story. First he has to design his own shield, choose to play as a boy or girl sorcerer apprentice and then dress his character appropriately for the adventure before starting the adventure. The first stop is the laboratory which houses the cauldron for brewing the potion to make the magic stones. It is also where the ingredients earned and the magic stones are to be kept. If your child wants to have a peek at the quest that lies just ahead of him, he can open the storybook in this laboratory but he will uncover the truth only when he has collected all the 6 magic stones.

20131005-030756.jpgIngredients are already available at the start of the story for the hero to make his first magic stone. He needs to follow the recipe on a scroll so that he will use the correct ingredients in the right portions. To make the other 5 magic stone, he needs to collect more ingredients from 5 different villagers who are waiting for him to help undo the damages caused by the dragon in the Land of the Magic Stones – Baron Bucky, Tinker, Ginger Root, Forest Elves and Princess Helium.



Baron Buck’s village was demolished by the dragon. Your child needs to help rebuild the village by placing houses on their proper bases. This activity requires more than just matching skills as kids have to imagine how the base looks like.






The things in Ticker’s workshop are broken by the dragon’s fallen egg. Help is needed to fix a variety of objects like furniture and vehicle. This activity builds a child’s spatial skills as he follows a blueprint plan to assemble the pieces and nail them together. The object will fall apart if not assembled correctly.




Ginger Root’s sheep are trapped in the maze. To free the sheep, the hero has to find the correct tools to remove the obstacles that block all the exits. This is a great activity for problem solving.





20131005-030301.jpgThe Forest Elves’ Great Book of Knowledge was set on fire by the dragon. The answers were burned leaving only the questions. The Elves organized a quiz to find all the answers. The quiz questions (given verbally) relate to the description/function of objects, animals or plants (“Which of these plants has a trunk and needles?”) and they are appropriate for children up to Kindergarten level. 4 answer options (in pictorial form) are offered for each question and kids are given hints when they are unable to answer correctly. Besides testing the kids’ general knowledge, this activity also develops their listening comprehension skills.

20131005-031032.jpgThe bubbles in Princess Helium’s manor were blown away by the dragon, help is needed to restore them by using the correct bubble maker and let the Princess blow them to the right size. This activity works on matching, estimation and fine-motor skills.




20131005-030908.jpgThe villagers reward the hero’s good deeds with ingredients to make the magic stones. Using the magical powers from the magic stones, the young sorcerer then attempts to chase the dragon out of the castle where it is hiding. In an arcade-style game, the sorcerer battles the dragon with magic spells while avoiding being hit by its attacks. This game is easy for the younger kids and it is the final game to be completed in order to find out the story’s ending.


20131005-030555.jpgThis is an app that offers lots of play with great educational value. Each of the five activities has at least 15 levels of increasing complexity and after completing the adventure, your child can return to play the activities over and over again. Besides these games, there are also little surprises hidden in the app for your kids to find – songs and animations. You can create up to 5 player profiles and choose between English or French.


I was at first uncomfortable that the app didn’t have an overview that tells me how to navigate within the app as there is so much to do. I didn’t know where to begin and where to next but my 6-year-old showed none of the hesitation which makes me think that kids will probably enjoy the process of exploring and discovering the details of the adventure. So check out this app if you want to give your kids lots of educational fun. The unique games with their many levels of difficulty will surely keep your child challenged and entertained for hours.



Land of the Magic Stones Lite – Every1plays

Magic Stones – Every1plays
Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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