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What we love…

Lots of addition and subtraction problems of increasing complexity and adjustable difficulty.

What we’d love to see…

An option for speed round for players seeking more challenges, more details in the progress report.


A great combination of fast-paced gameplay, lively banter and varied questions with adjustable difficulty for practicing mental math in addition and subtraction.

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166220 Math Mathews : Mental Math   Review and GiveawayFrom Math Mathews (multiplication) in the Archipelago Walter, Captain Mathews and his crew of pirates (Carl, Celia and Buck) continue their search for the magical Necklace of Sylla that will make him and Buck human again. This time, the pirates are speeding down an underground tunnel to the heart of the Temple of the Earth, collecting treasures and solving the Math questions (addition and subtraction) shown by the Guardian of the Temple.

In this new story, the plot is presented in the form of a dialogue among the characters. The text is not read out so some kids may be tempted to skip this but do encourage them to read along. The storyline, the bickering among the pirates and incessant taunts from the Guardian provide the fun breaks that they should not miss.

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Each game session consists of 3 segments of gameplay alternating with 2 rounds of math quizzes of 5 questions each. The goal of the game is to collect as many gold coins and treasures as the player make the wagon jump from platform to platform without falling. This alone requires skills and strategy. On the other hand, the goal for answering the math problems correctly is to earn the required number of keys to access higher game levels to enter the heart of the Temple.

20131011 232021 Math Mathews : Mental Math   Review and GiveawayUnlike many mental math apps where the problems presented are simple involving only single mathematical operator (?+? or ?-?), Math Mathews: Mental Math has 8 types of math problems of increasing complexity. From the simplest problem (e.g. 4+3=?) with 3 choices of answers given to the more difficult ones (e.g. ?-57+73=79) where you need to type in the correct answer, there are lots of challenging math problems for kids to solve for a long time.

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What I really like in this app is the adjustable difficulty level. There are 4 levels for you to choose to match your child’s math ability – Easy (Numbers 1 to 5), Medium (1 to 9), Difficult (1 to 20) and Expert (1 to 99). It also mean that the app will grow with the child’s age and ability. Players have 3 chances to answer each math question and there is no time limit for answering.

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There are mysteries surrounding the Guardian of the Temple and what will happen when you reach the altar of Sylla. Players who follow the story so far will be motivated to work through the many math problems to complete all the 8 levels of mental math practice just to solve the mystery. Having someone to compete with in each game level will also push players to aim for higher game score and you can create up to 10 player accounts, each with a Logbook that show the progress for the last 10 game sessions.

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This is a very well-designed app and the duration of math exercises and games are just right, not at all tedious. The great combination of fast-paced gameplay with exciting music, lively banter among the characters, huge number and variety of addition and subtraction problems with adjustable difficulty levels makes this a top mental math app for children and adults of all ages. Definitely an app to check out if you are looking for speed math training.



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