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Beautiful illustrations, peaceful background music, fun collection of games.

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Words spoken in the broom game


This app is a great choice for a non-scary Halloween themed app for 3-7 year-olds, and can be enjoyed year around too.

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Room on the Broom Games

Room on the Broom Games By Magic Light Pictures Ltd is a universal app containing games based on the best-selling children’s picture book written by Julia Donaldson, and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. The book has also been made into an animated movie. The app contains a collection of games for children aged 3-7 years old, based on the original illustrations from the Room on the Broom book. The app contains no 3rd party adverts or in-app purchases and external links are behind a parental gate (press and hold for 5 seconds).

This book, alongside many other Donaldson/ Scheffler collaborations, has been a long time favorite in my household so my children were really excited to see the app. It contains eight mini-games and can be enjoyed in eight languages including: UK English, US English, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Japanese. My children have the original UK English version of the book so I appreciated the option to use the UK version instead of the US version (there are some cultural differences in the text).

If you are not familiar with the story it features a fun rhyming text and beautiful detailed, colorful illustrations, a friendly Witch is flying on her broomstick but she keeps dropping things, each time an animal comes to her rescue and she then invites them to join her on her broomstick. She comes up against a fiery dragon who declares “I’m planning to have Witch and chips for my tea” (fries in US version), but her new friends come to the rescue. This app does not include the story, it is designed as a complement to the book, and includes all the characters -the Witch, Cat, Dog, Bird, Frog and Dragon; plus quotes and original illustrations from the book. The child can easily navigate between games by swiping.

The games are:

Join the stars

This is a dot-to-dot style game. The child connects the stars and the witch flies from star to star creating an image. Then the child gets to pick which of 3 pictures the constellation looks like.


Find the hat

In the story the first thing the Witch looses is her hat, here you can help the dog to find the hat in the woods, is it behind that tree, under a rock, below a log?

Windy day collecting game

It’s a windy day and all sorts of things are being blown past, Cat is looking for some missing objects, can you help him to collect them all?

Find the bow

The Witch has lost the bow from her hair, it has landed somewhere in the field, can you help Bird find it?


Find the wand

This time the Witch has dropped her wand; help Frog search all around and in the pond to find it.

Drawing with stars

This game is a favorite in our house. Use stars to create your own dot-to-dot style pictures. Place the numbered stars wherever you like and watch the Witch fly from star to star drawing your picture in the night sky! You can change the colors of the stars by tapping them to create different colored pictures.

Dragon loves Chips (fries)

The Dragon is hungry and wants chips (fries) for his dinner! Lots of objects are falling from the sky. When you see a fry falling move the dragon to the right spot to catch it, and then at the correct moment open his mouth to feed him. Watch out though if you feed him something else he will look decidedly ill and you’ll lose one of the fries he previously caught.

Fly the magnificent broom

You are sitting on the Witches super-duper, magnificent, new broom behind Cat and flying through the starry night sky. Letters zoom by in the sky and you need to steer the broom to collect letters and spell out a word. There is a knack to catching the letters- you need to fly underneath them, and it can take a little while to learn to steer, but there is no time pressure to finish the word and the letters do fly by slower in the lower levels than later. Once you have the hang of catching the letters it is a really fun game. I would like to hear the word spoken (it is currently just written) so the child knows what word they have spelled.



When playing the mini-games children can earn bronze, silver and gold medals by completing challenges in each game, medals can be re-set in the parents section. The find the hat, bow and wand are all variations on the same theme but set in different scenes from the book, where the object is hidden changes each time the game is played which keeps it fresh and increases the replay value.

This is a beautifully done app containing a fun collection of mini-games suitable for preschool and early elementary school age children. The app is accompanied by peaceful background music, but Axel’s beautiful illustrations are really the star of the show. For fans of Room on the Broom this is a must-have app, and those not familiar with the book will enjoy it too – and may be tempted to get the book or the movie! This app is a great choice for a non-scary Halloween themed app for 3-7 year-olds and can be enjoyed year around too.

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Room on the Broom: Games Room on the Broom: Games by Magic Light Pictures Ltd.

Price: $2.99 USD

BAFTA NOMINATED GAME based on the No.1 Halloween children's picture book!

**Perfect for 3 - 7 year olds with no in-app purchases. "A must-have app” The i Mums**

***Great technical support.

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