RAV4 BOX 1024x768 Wi Fi Disk with Power Bank by RAVPower ®  Review

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Frees up storage space on your iPad, iPhone or Android. Allows you to search the internet at the same time as use the device. Lets you stream different content to up to 5 users at once.

What we’d love to see…

Support for Mac formatted external hard drives


A very useful device for streaming photos, videos, music and PDF files to your tablet or smartphone. Also allows you to easily upload pictures or videos from your devices camera roll.

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mzl.dxajtldy.175x175 75 Wi Fi Disk with Power Bank by RAVPower ®  ReviewThe Wi-Fi Disk with power bank from RAV Power is a very useful, portable, multi-functional device. It has both USB and SD card slots, allowing you to transfer files to and from your smartphone or tablet. It creates its own Wi-Fi network and can be also be used whilst connected to your Wi-Fi network. This allows you to access material from it and browse the internet at the same time. It has a 300 mAh battery that can be used to power the unit or recharge your smartphone.

The Wi-Fi Disk is a similar size to an iPhone – approximately 3″ x 5″ x 1/2″and weighs just under 5 oz. It is charged via a micro USB- USB cable (included) connected to your computer or charger (not included). It can be used with an iOS device, Android tablet or Smartphone or a computer- Mac or PC. Free apps are available for each type of device, I tested it with an iPad Mini using the free AirStor iTunes app.

20131021 142755 Wi Fi Disk with Power Bank by RAVPower ®  ReviewOnce you have downloaded the app, switch on the Wi-Disk and connect your device to its Wi-fi (the password you need is in the Wi-Disk instructions). Open the app, there is choice of ” My Wi-disk” and “My Device” at the bottom of the screen, choosing My Device will bring up a folder with the contents of whatever SD Card, USB or Hard Drive you have connected to the Wi-Disk. Sub-folders will be the same as you have created on the UBS or hard drive. Pictures show up with thumbnails (and file names), movies have a movie icon plus name, music has a musical note plus name, PDF’s show the Adobe logo plus name. Gently touching the icon will start that picture, video, song or PDF streaming to your device. With pictures or documents you can pinch to zoom in and out, with videos and music you can play, pause and skip to the next or previous track. If you just wish to view the documents or pictures, or watch / listen to the movies or music can can use the streaming. If you want to download them to view later then you use “manage” and tick the items to download – you can choose individual items or select everything in a folder. I found the download speeds quite quick – pictures downloaded in seconds and even a full length movie (over 1GB) only took a few minutes. When you download the files you can add them to an existing folder or create a new one.

20131021 142515 Wi Fi Disk with Power Bank by RAVPower ®  ReviewThis device also allows you to quickly and easily upload pictures and videos from your iPad/ iPhone camera roll to a USB or SD card , you can select multiple pictures to upload at one time.

Downloaded files are accessed via the AirStor app by selecting “My Device” – they are in folders for documents, music, movies and photos and you can create your own sub-folders within these. Downloaded photos can be emailed, shared on Facebook or imported into you devices photos. Documents can be shared via email. There is no option to import music into the devices iTunes music library or import the movies into the devices “movies”, or PDF’s into Pages. I would love to be able to import music into iTunes, documents into Pages and movies into the movie section of the iPad, but I’m not sure Apple allows this.

With the Wi-Disk you can connect up to 5 users at once and they can all stream different content- I’ve had 3 different movies streaming on different devices at once and it worked perfectly. This is great when traveling with kids, I have a 32 GB USB that I’ve loaded with a bunch of movies and TV shows and they can each watch their favorite without filling up the iPads’ memory. It is also great for sharing content with family and friends – you can connect your cameras SD card and share the pictures with 5 people at once and even upload pictures from your iPad, iPhone or Android. The Wi-Disk can also be used as a back-up battery- it has a 3000mAh battery – more than enough to charge a Smartphone.

I really like the fact that you can connect to the Wi-Disk and the internet at the same time- within the app you can connect to an external Wifi allowing you to surf the web whilst simultaneously downloading files from the Wi-Disk. I found the Wi-Disk worked really well with both USB drives and SD cards, but I didn’t get it to work with my external hard drive. I use a Mac and when I tried to use the Wi-Disk with a Seagate external hard drive formatted with Mac OS extended, it did not recognize it, I also tried with a external hard drive formatted with FAT 32 and that was also not recognized. It is designed to work with DOD/Windows format external hard discs so PC users may have more success.


Overall, this is a very useful device. It has a very solid feel to it and feels well-made. It works great for streaming or downloading movies or photos or music from USB drives, and movies or photos from an SD card. It also allows download of documents from USB to the Air Stor app (you can share them via email but not directly download into pages). The Wi-Disk also allows you to upload photos and videos to USB drives or SD cards. I was not able to get the Air Stor to work with my Mac formatted external hard drive, it is designed for Windows formatted drives so may work better for PC owners, in an update I would love for it to support Mac OS extended external hard drives.

Available from Amazon and New Egg.

AirStor – Power7 Technology Co., Ltd.

mzl.dxajtldy Wi Fi Disk with Power Bank by RAVPower ®  Review AirStor by Power7 Technology Co., Ltd.

Price: $FREE

•Supports both iPhone and iPad with iOS platform 4.0 and above.
•Automatically search and locate the WIFI STORAGE.
•Support network /parameters setting
•Support the keyword search.

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