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VeggieTales: It’s a Merry Larry Christmas by Cupcake Digital is a universal Christmas themed app for iOS. The app opens in a mall with seven different  shops where you can do a different tasks and earn candy canes as a prize for completing the tasks.  This is a fun Christmas themed app with a variety of games to have fun!

At Larry’s Locomotive you have to build a train track and follow a pattern for the track around the obstacles to help it reach the end of the train track.  This requires children to use different sections of the track in order to build around the obstacles and plan ahead to ensure the train will get to where it needs to go.  The game has four levels to complete with each one being progressively harder.  After successfully completing the levels you are awarded a candy cane.

The next game, All Spruced Up reminds me of Tetris except it is with Christmas ornaments rather than the traditional blocks.  You have to make lines of three ornaments before they are added to the tree.  This requires planning, color recogntiion, patterning, and making lines of color.  After completing the initial round, you are put into a bonus round to match the stars. As you match up the stars, you fill up a larger yellow star  which after it is completed gives you a “great job” by Larry and you earn another candy cane.

The third game, That’s a Wrap requires you to match up the contents of the gift boxes to a match two by two.   This game gets progressively harder with the levels and may be frustrating to a younger child who is not as good at remembering where specific objects are in a larger field of boxes.   It gets a little trickier in level two as there are multiples of some of the objects.

The fourth game is Seasons Greetings where you use fine motor skills to cut and make your own holiday card using a  template and brushes to color in your design. After completing that you can add stickers, pick your favorite Veggietales character for a stamp and then type in the to and from address. You can either save your card via a photo or email it.  The email requires a parent gate which means you have to type in a year of birth prior to being able to access the external mail program.  It also requires that you have email set up on your device.   After completing the card it is “mailed” and you earn another candy cane.

The fifth game is Sweet Tooth which you have to organize.   This app has you shooting peppermints using a trajectory to organize rows of the same colors.  It’s a bit tricky but once your child figures out how to properly shoot the mints my kindergartener enjoyed it.   This game has two rounds with the second round being progressively harder than the first round.  The second level is much harder and really difficult for younger children.  As you make lines, the peppermints slide   into the goal.  It not only requires fine motor skills, but planning for different lines of candies to ensure that you complete the game rather than having to start the level over again.

The sixth game is Elf Village where you have to find the bag that has the toy after the three are shuffled.  The shuffling of the bags gets progressively more complicated and more bags are added as each round progresses.   In subsequent rounds a second toy is added as well.   This game has six rounds with the fourth and subsequent rounds having a fourth bag added and a second toy.

The next game Holiday Silly Songs features Larry singing some of his favorite Christmas songs while wrapped up for Christmas in a variety of holiday themed scenes.  I loved the different songs from Larry and Bob the Tomato and other characters.

The eighth mini game is Food Coloring  where you can use a brush, crayon, chalk, spray paint or a bucket to color in a picture of Larry on his train.  There is a plus you can use to zoom in on specific objects to do a better job in coloring them.

I really liked that the games appealed to a variety of ages from preschool through older elementary school (and even adult) while using the VeggieTales theme and Christmas all in one.  The games practiced a variety of skills ranging from fine motor to planning, coloring all with a traditional holiday theme and were kid friendly and appealed to the entire family.


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