Christmas is coming up fast and The iMums have come up with some cool tech gift ideas that are bound to be popular under the tree this year. We have personally tested all of these products and recommend them.


KeyCover™ Hard Shell Keyboard for iPad® mini keycover

The KeyCover™ Hard Shell Keyboard for iPad® mini from Kensington allows you to have a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad Mini wherever you go. It is designed to work with a “naked” iPad mini which will sit in the groove of the keyboard to create a mini laptop. When not in use the mini fits neatly inside the keyboard’s rugged anodized aluminum shell protecting the corners and front of the mini. It has an automatic sleep/ wake function.The raised keys work very well for typing and the Bluetooth keyboard boasts an impressive 120hr battery life (200 days on standby). Read our full review here. Available from Kensington and other retailers RRP US$69.99

PowerDock 5 Charging Station powerdock5-1_1
The PowerDock 5 from Griffin Technology is a simple solution to the problem of how to store and charge multiple iOS devices. There are several features I really like about this charger – it is quick and easy to change cables to charge different devices; the bays are wide enough to charge an iPad in a protective case; you can charge 5 iPads, or iPhones at a time; it is quiet to use; it neatly stores your devices when charging or not in use. Read our full review here. Available from or from many retailers RRP $99.99

Relay H-Fi Bluetooth Receiver by Mass Fidelity20130811-230320.jpg

The Relay is an elegant looking brushed aluminum box that allows you to stream from any Bluetooth enabled device such as your iPhone, iPad, Computer or Android device, to any audio system. There are other products on the market that do this, but what makes the Relay stand out from the crowd is that it is a true high fidelity component, and that it is really simple to set up and use. Read our full review here. Available from Mass for US$249 including free shipping to USA and Canada.

Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5/5s by Griffin Technologysurvivor-waterproof-iphone5-lifestyle-1
If you are looking for a tough, waterproof, shockproof case for your iPhone 5/ 5s look no further – Griffin Technology have just the case for you. Available in 3 colors black, pink and blue the Survivor + Catalyst is a really practical everyday iPhone case, protecting it from drops, spills, dust, dirt and immersion. I have used it on a really, really dusty camping trip, at the pool, in the lake, at the beach and for several months as my everyday phone case and it has taken all I can throw at it! It is very easy to use the charging port is easily accessible, it has a waterproof headphone jack and the touchscreen works through the screen protector. Read our full review here. Available from and many retailers RRP $69.99 

Equil JOT Smartpen eqil

Do you still like to write and draw with a pen and paper but wish you had an easy way to digitize your notes and sketches? Equil Jot the perfect solution for you -with the Equil JOT you can write and draw on any kind of paper and your creations will automatically appear on your iPad, iPhone or computer. The JOT works with 2 free apps- – Equil Note for writing and Equil Sketch for drawing and other creative uses. After your work appears in the app you can edit it there and even add other elements such as photos to your creation. Equil utilizes Cloud service, making it accessible and editable anywhere, any time. Available from Equilstore, Equil JOT Smart Pen for iOS Devices
and other retailers RRP US$149.99

Incline Desktop Speakers from Definitive Technology DT_Incline2-2(1)
The Incline desktop speakers from Definitive Technology completely re-define the design of computer speakers -and in the process create a product that makes listening to music or watching movies on the computer a really enjoyable experience. The first thing that makes them different is the Incline speakers are tilted in such a way as to direct the sound towards the listeners head instead of his body as conventional desktop speakers do. The other major difference is they use Bipolar Sound technology- sound does not just come out of the front of the speaker but also radiates from the back. the next result is a much richer more 3 dimensional sound experience. The Incline is not just for computers, it can be connected to any audio source that has a USB, digital optical or headphone output jack. Read our full review here. Available from: Definitive Technology, Magnolia, Best Buy and many retailers RRP $399 per pair.

TINKÉ by Zensorium tinke blue
TINKÉ is a tiny little device that you attach to your iPhone or iPad to monitor your fitness and wellness with the touch of a thumb! It measures 4 parameters – breathing rate, heart rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation % and Heart Rate Variability (HRV). It comes in 2 versions- one for Apple 30 pin connectors and a Lightning connector version for newer iOS devices. The TINKÉ is really small, portable and quick and easy to use. In a minute you can get a n=measure of your fitness in VITA mode or de-stress in Zen mode. Read our full review here. Available from: the Zensorium websitRRP $119

For more health and fitness products check out The iMums Favorite iOS accessories for Health and Fitness

padded_spacesProp ‘n Go by Padded Spaces
Prop ‘n Go by Padded Spaces is an ergonomic lap stand which will hold your iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Nook, small laptop computers and other tablets securely in place with 14 angles which makes it perfect for watching movies while laying in bed, playing games on the couch, reading books, or even just laying in bed or sitting on the couch while using your device. The Prop ‘n Go that I tested includes storage and a built in drawstring backpack which allows you to slide in your tablet and carry it on the go. Prop ‘n Go is based in Seattle, Washington.a vailable from Padded Spaces and Amazon for US$20-60 depending on model. Read our review

MiaTui_Amelie_Red_Web_480x480px_1_smallAmelie from Mia Tui
This all purpose bag is a large tote bag for the mom who needs to carry it all – all the time including technology. This bag from Mia Tui is waterproof inside and has multiple pockets perfect for your water bottle, wallet, keys, lipstick, iPad, laptop and more! This bag is perfect for a trip into the office, a night out and more – all in one large bag! This bag is perfect for a trip to the gym, a large day trip where you need lots of items and more. One of my favorite features is all of the storage pockets which make sure I can find everything I need inside my bag no matter what! Available from Mia Tui for approx. USD $102.

TYLT-Tunz-BT-Speaker-redTunz Rechargeable Speaker by Tylt
The newest gadget from TYLT called Tunz is a speaker that fits in your hand but delivers powerful sound via Bluetooth which means it will work with your smartphone, tablet, laptop and any device that you can stream music from! The speaker also features interchangable “bands” which reduce vibration and allow you to change up the look. The speaker also offers a 3.5mm audio in as well as an audio out so you can export the sound to another device or television. For Android users, TUNZ has an app that allows for NFC tagging to play your favorite music from a simple touch of the two together. TYLT offers some great products to inject color and simplicity into your life. You are able to charge devices using the 1 amp charger which can be used to charge things such as smartphones directly from Tunz and although they don’t suggest charging tablets from it, there is a functionality in a pinch. Read our full review here
Available from Tylt for US$150


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Mary is originally from England but now lives in California with her husband, dog, cat and three children. Mary and her family love Apple products and own an iPad2, iPad3, iPad Mini, iTouch, iPhone5 and several MacBook Pros. They also love cub scouts, skiing, camping and hiking. The family iPads are also used for therapy for their daughters Apraxia (speech disorder).

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