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A charming book app with beautiful hand painted illustrations. An outstanding book app for young readers.

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This was review first published on Digital Storytime on May 12, 2011

Fierce Grey Mouse HD Prepare yourself for one very cute mouse story. This book opens with a little grey mouse removing the word ‘little’ to put the word ‘fierce’ in its place for the title page. The letters are like cut-outs from magazine copy, giving the book a whimsical quality. The illustrations are hand-drawn and color-drenched, creating the perfect backdrop to the story. Every page is also filled with small but delightful animated elements triggered by tapping on the characters.

Little grey mouse wants to be fierce. So he lifts weights, practices pouncing and perfects his roar. Then he hides in a tree to wait for someone to scare. His good friends come by first, calling for their little mouse friend to play. Instead they are scared out of their wits by something ‘fierce’ roaring and pouncing from the tree. Eventually mouse is all alone and realizes he’s lonely. The subtle moral emerges that he doesn’t need to be ‘fierce’ to be happy; in fact his friends prefer him to just be a ‘little’ grey mouse. It ends with the friends playing peacefully again.

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This ebook is well made. It has cute page turn arrows (of mouse’s duck and pig friend holding arrows), a nice page guide, ample settings and even the ability to change to a normal font for easier reading (an important feature for young learner readers). There are also a couple nice little extras: 2 different matching games and 2 pages to color from the story.

This is the kind of title that delights young readers and adults alike, making it a great bedtime read (minus the games of course). The book also comes with several options for English, Spanish & Dutch narration. Overall, this is an outstanding book app, from the opening page to the final scenes. It has gorgeous graphics, charming characters and just the right amount of animated interactivity to engage young readers. My highest recommendation.

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Carisa Kluver is the the editor of Digital-Storytime.com, an iPad children’s book review site. She has a BA in Anthropology from UC Berkeley and an MSW from the University of Washington. Before starting this project, she was a school counselor, health educator and researcher in child & maternal health.

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