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Cute storyline, charming illustrations with interactions that add to the story rather than distract from it.

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Gary’s Place is a truly a delightful book app about a gopher with a big imagination who dreams big but learns a valuable lesson. A great bedtime story.

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Gary's Place Gary’s Place from Giggle Desk is a book app written by Rick Walton and illustrated by Will Terry. It tells the tale of Gary the gopher who lives with his parents, until one day they decide it is time for him to out and build a home of his own. It contains no in-app purchases or external links of any kind. The story has read by myself or read to me options with word highlighting as it is read.

Gary the gopher lives in a comfy, cozy, gopher hole with his mum and dad, Gary thinks it is too crowded, so his parents suggest that he moves out and builds his own home. Gary thinks this is a great idea and digs and digs and digs to create his dream home. Gary is no ordinary gopher, not only does he build his home but he builds all the furniture too. Gary’s home isn’t just a gopher hole it’s an underground mansion and every day he comes up with new ideas to make it bigger and better. He has his own workshop, movie theatre and gym, but he still isn’t satisfied, he keeps digging and digging, adding more and more to his dream home until one day disaster strikes…… To find out what happens you’ll have to read the story, but Gary learns a valuable lesson and discovers less is more.

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This is truly a delightful book app, it is fun to watch Gary’s imagination as he dreams up more and more fanciful ideas and the charming illustrations really bring it to life. The app has light animation, realistic sound effects, and just one or two interactive elements on each page which add to the story rather than distract from it. My favorite interactions are seeing Gary running the hamster wheel in his gym and the expressions on Gary’s face when he thinks of a new idea. The one addition I would like to see is a page navigation option to allow you to easily return to favorite pages – the developer tells me they are working on this update at the moment.

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My children and I were truly captivated by this simple charming story. Gary is a very lovable character-  hard working, imaginative and thinks big, but still humble enough to learn his lesson. The illustrations are cute and the animations and small amount of interactive elements are enough to enhance the story without distracting from it, a great bedtime story. Highly recommended.

Gary’s Place – Giggle Desk


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