What we love…

More word examples for each letter than the typical alphabet app and the exposure to musical instruments from around the world.

What we’d love to see…

A direct link to the descriptions of each instrument from the corresponding letter’s page. Audio clips play in sequence instead of being allowed to play simultaneously.


An entertaining app that is full of exciting sound effects, original music, kid-friendly words and cute animal characters that gives your child multiple and varied alphabet learning opportunities.

Our Rating

In Jamaroos Musical ABCs, 26 different animals (one representing each alphabet letter) come together to perform 26 original piece of music on 26 different musical instruments to teach young children the name and sound of 26 uppercase letters. Indeed, there are lots to discover and learn in this app.


To watch the animals perform, your child chooses a letter from below the jungle stage and bring it onto the stage. He will then hear the letter name followed by an introduction of the animal musician with its instrument (e.g. Gat the Gecko plays the Guitar). After you’re done with highlighting the 3 words that begin with the letter, get him to tap the animal to start the animated musical performance (up to 20 seconds long) and enjoy. As with the rest of the app, the quality of the music recordings is superb. The musical styles and the type of musical instruments featured is also varied and interesting, in particular, check out the Washboard that is played with spoons, bottle openers etc in jazz!! I personally like the introduction of both modern and traditional musical instruments from around the world to young children. They learn about the names, appearance and sounds of these instruments and if your child (or even yourself) want to know more, you can refer him to a brief description on a separate ‘About the Instruments’ page. It would be nice if the relevant notes are readily available from the letter’s page itself.



Lest your child thinks that is all to the app (because that is a lot of content already), surprise him by tapping the four icons that are featured on the side of the stage. Each of these lead to a little game where the letter sound is taught and reinforced with more words that begin with that letter. Even with a total of 7 word examples for each letter, the letter sounds heard in the words chosen is consistent to what is being taught, unlike in some apps where the choice of words can confuse the learner, e.g. the use of the words, xylophone or x-ray to illustrate the sound of ‘X'(ks sound). In Jamaroos Musical ABCs, your child will learn better examples – taXi, foX, boX and aXe, LoX and saXophone.



I like the multiple opportunities for kids to learn the alphabet in this app. For each letter of the alphabet, your child will learn the name of the animal and musical instrument plus 4 other vocabulary words that reinforce the letter sound. It is colorful, entertaining and full of exciting sound effects, original music, kid-friendly words and cute animal characters. Your child will come to associate each alphabet letter with the animal character and its musical instrument from the app and learn the alphabet very quickly.

There is more educational content and fun action in this app for toddlers and preschoolers than many other alphabet apps out there. So if you are looking for an alphabet learning app, you need to check out Jamaroos Musical ABCs.



Jamaroos Musical ABCs – Iggy Learning

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