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What we love…

Engaging 3-D animated graphics, ability to explore scenes, large range of topics covered.

What we’d love to see…

Data tracking, multiple player profiles, seesaw to visibly balance.


A a must-have preschool math app- it  covers a wide range of topics, uses auditory and visual supports, has high quality 3-D animated graphics, is engaging and FUN!

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Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo is a universal educational app from One Monk Clapping, it is available as a free download allowing you to access 3 mini-games. The full app contains 12 mini-games. It contains no adverts or social media links and the in-app purchase is behind a parental gate (accessed by answering multiplication questions). April 2014: there is now also a full version available without IAP.

The app contains a series of mini-games that work on different foundation math skills. The games are divided into 3 areas: Farm games, Forest Games and Asia Games. One game in each area is free, you can unlock any area for $1.99 or all three areas for $3.99. Both written and verbal directions are given for each game. If a child gets a question wrong they are gently encouraged to try again, and right answers are greeted with positive encouragement such as cheers, balloons and streamers.

Farm Games:

These are set in a farmyard scene and 3-D animated animals are used as manipulatives, the child can explore the scene by scrolling around, and the animals will follow. Touching objects in the scene will trigger narration about that object and sometimes trigger movement too. Tapping on animals will trigger sound effects and sometimes movements.

Counting (free):

This game practices counting from one to ten. A group of farm animals comes on to the screen and the student is asked e.g. “how many chickens are there?”. They can choose from a selection of multiple choice answers, but if they need more help they can touch the animals one by one and the app will count with them both verbally and numerically.

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Who is Missing:

A group of farm animals run onto the screen in a pattern, but one is missing. The child must choose the correct animal and then it will run to the group to complete the pattern.

Which Group is Bigger:

There are two groups of farm animals in the field, the child must pick which group has more animals.

Who Am I:

The farm animals are roaming around the farm, the child is asked to pick a specific type of animal from the group.

Forest Games
These games are set in a woodland clearing with a stream, ruined tower and tents. The child can explore this scene the same way as exploring the farm.

Addition (free) :

Two groups of animals have come out to play in the forest, the child needs to count how many there are in total. The child can pick the right answer, or tap on the animals to count them.


Two groups of animals are on the screen e.g. wolves and zebras. The child is asked a subtraction question e.g. 10-4, they can choose the right answer from several choices or use the animals as manipulatives to solve the equation. For 10-4, there are 10 animals in total, the group on the right side of the screen (in this case zebras) represents the number being taken away, the child can tap on them and they will be counted as they leave the screen, the group on the left remains and and they can tap on these to see how many are left.

Missing Number:

Animals appear on the screen each with a number on, the numbers are lined up smallest to largest, but one number is missing. The child picks the missing number from a selection of possible answers.

Animal Match:

Lots of different animals are in the forest, and the child needs to match them up two by two.

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Asia Games

Hide And Seek (free):

A bunch of animals scamper onto the screen, then Asian- stye curtains drop to hide them, the child needs to remember where the animals are hiding.

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Shape Ninja:

In this game children get to hone their shape recognition skills by slicing the right shape Fruit Ninja style.

What Shape Am I:

The shape vendor has several shapes to choose from on his cart, the child needs to pick the correct one by name.

Balance the Seesaw:

A bunch of animals have numbers on their sides, one jumps on the right side of the seesaw, the child needs to add animals to the left of the seesaw so that the numbers balance. Once they have balanced the seesaw the problem appears as an equation on the top of the page. Just a small point but once problem is solved the seesaw doesn’t look balanced, it looks lower on the left side, I’d like the seesaw actually look level once the problem is solved.

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I think this is a great math app for pre-school children and some early elementary school students will find it useful too. It works on a wide range of skills from counting to 10, through simple addition and subtraction up to 10, shape identification, memorization, animal identification, patterns and matching. The graphics and animal themes are fun and engaging, I really like the ability to explore the scenes and have the animals come with you. The app works at different skill levels allowing the child to answer the question via multiple choice or use the animals as manipulatives to help them count their way to the solution. The questions change each time you play the app to keep the content fresh and engaging. If you complete a section you see a score for that section, but there doesn’t seem to be anyway to see how a child is doing in different areas over time. I would love to see individual player profiles and records of how each player is doing in each area.

Overall, this is a must-have preschool math app- it is covers a wide range of topics, uses auditory and visual supports, has high quality 3-D animated graphics,  is engaging and FUN! I would highly recommend downloading the free app today and I think $3.99 is a reasonable price for the full unlock given the amount of content in the app.


The developer has now fixed the seesaw balance issue and has added multiple player profiles as I requested. He has also made many other improvements. A great app made even better!

There is also now a full version available with no in-app purchases.

To download this app please use this link:

Free Version:Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo – One Monk Clapping


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Full Version:
Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo Complete – One Monk Clapping


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Mary is originally from England but now lives in California with her husband, dog, cat and three children. Mary and her family love Apple products and own an iPad2, iPad3, iPad Mini, iTouch, iPhone5 and several MacBook Pros. They also love cub scouts, skiing, camping and hiking. The family iPads are also used for therapy for their daughters Apraxia (speech disorder).

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