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What we love…

fun enhancement of the original targets additional skills including sorting, grouping and categorizing and is perfect for a preschooler or kindergartner

What we’d love to see…

hints for the harder items like rainbow which could go into multiple categories as well as the ability to have a switch for sliding an object into a bucket and having that count as an attempt


This app is best targeted at preschool and kindergarten aged children and can also be used to help children learn how to identify objects by name – find the “xxx” in both English and Spanish.

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SimpleSort PlusSimpleSort Plus by Kids and Beyond is an iPad only app that provides a  great way to practice skills for your preschooler such as sorting and counting in a interactive way that will have your child asking to play with the app.   You can sort as little as two buckets or up to six buckets at one time depending on how advanced your child is in sorting. The objects are then “spilled” by the Clever Cloud and it is up to your child to help them get back to the right place.  Your child needs to drag the object to the appropriate bucket and clean up the mess.  The app features multi-player capability and allows you to target skills such as sorting, grouping, categorizing. The app features both a timed and un-timed version which you can pick and choose depending on if you want to make it a race, or if you are really playing for fun and learning opportunities.  We tried it both ways and once my son understood the concept of the game, we started using the timed version.     It also provides samples of objects that belong in the buckets to provide visual cues of the types of objects that belong.   This app is also available in English and Spanish.  The app also includes a “progress check” which provides feedback about areas that your child has been working on in timed format and the number correct which helps parents work with children.  The app also allows you to work on fine motor skills and speech and language as well. Although not directly aimed at it – receptive and expressive language skills as well as time management are taught as well.

One of my favorite features of the app is the ability to select two buckets of objects that you can use to sort by.  I liked how you can select specific items to sort on so you could target specific skills as well as the visual cues.  Once you successfully begin to match up the objects to the right bucket you are then given more objects in the field.    As a parent, I really liked that the games were short and easy to engage children with bright colorful colors as well as a visual of the item before it went into the bucket.  I liked how the app targeted early learning skills

In terms of enhancements, if you get an answer wrong multiple times I would like for the app to provide a hint of some sort.  Currently it just bounces the object back to the field of objects.  There are also a few objects like rainbow that seem like they could fit into multiple categories like colors and nature so that may be a bit confusing for the youngest learners.  I’d also like to see a setting especially for younger users that would allow you to “hover” over a bucket before making the decision to put an object inside it.  Currently the app counts that as an attempt when in fact you may just be sliding it across to the correct bucket.

Be sure to check out our review of the original SimpleSort and consider adding this app to your library.  This app is best targeted at preschool and kindergarten aged children and can also be used to help children learn how to identify objects by name – find the “xxx” in both English and Spanish.  This app is a great addition to your app library and provides skills which enable you to carry over learning from the iPad to in home learning.

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