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What we love…

beautiful graphics, fun and educational games that do a thorough job helping kids with their time telling skills

What we’d love to see…

better child protection (harder access to the parent page), multiuser capability


A fantastic in-depth supplement to time and date lessons that is both highly educational and entertaining.

Our Rating

Todo Telling TimeTodo Telling Time by Locomotive Labs is an app designed to help children learn to tell time using both analog and digital clocks.  It contains six fun games that will sharpen skills necessary to read a calendar and tell time and combines learning and fun in an exceptional way.


Upon opening the app, you get a beautifully illustrated menu page that shows the current time in digital and analog format, and the current day and date.  Click on the little orange character, who my little ones like to refer to as “Todo”, to hear him say the time.  The hands on the clock are also movable, but will always show the current time whenever you return to the main menu either after playing a game or when opening the app.


On the top right is the link to the parent page which can be accessed simply by swiping the icon all the way to the right.  The parent page contains information about the app as well as external links to the app store, websites, and social media.  Given the age that this app is geared to, I find the parent page far too easily accessible.


On the bottom of the page are icons that represent each of the six games included.  To the left of these icons is a little star in a circle, and to the left is a little triangle in circle.  The star leads to a progress page which shows the hours played, stars collected, and the days played.  The triangle shows all the levels for each game and which level the player is currently on in each game.  Clicking on the level will take you directly to that level in the game, so you can skip levels using this submenu.


Now to the amazing games:

Days and Weeks. 

This game has 3 levels.  In Days and Weeks, children will be putting puzzles together by arranging days and months in the correct order.

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Ferris Wheel.

Ferris Wheel has five levels. In Ferris Wheel, children will be counting by ones and fives.  I love this because the Ferris Wheel is in the shape of a clock and the numbers are arranged in clockwise order.  In fact, the numbers are arranged exactly where they would be found in a clock, so children get to become familiar the numbers on a clockface for both the hours and minutes.

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Schedule also has five levels. In this game, children will be asked to set the time in an analog clock.  The game progresses from setting the time by the hour (“7:00 am is wake up time!”), through telling time to the quater hour or to the minute,  to setting the time to minutes or hours before or after the given time (“set the clock to an hour before 12:00”).


Train Time

The fourth game is called Train Time.  It too has five levels.  In Train Time, children will be asked to read an analog clock and enter it in digital format.

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The fifth game is called Memory.  Memory has four levels.  This is fantastic game that will help children memorize where the numbers are on an analog clock.  They will be shown a series of 3 numbers, always in consecutive order.  The numbers are arranged clockwise and they will have to remember where the 3 numbers are located.


Time Quiz.

The sixth and last game is a Time Quiz.  It has five levels.  The levels progress from answering  questions regarding whether an event happens during the day or night (i.e. When is it time to wake up? The answer is morning.)  to the last level where they would have to figure out how much time have passed between two given times (i.e. one clock shows 4:05 and the other clock shows 6:10.  Therefore, 2 hours and 5 minutes have passed.)


One of the things I would like to see in future updates is multiuser capability.  It would be great to have a separate account for each child so that they can each have their own collection of stars in their progress/summary reports.


Todo Telling Time does an incredibly thorough job of helping children tell time better and faster.  It does not, however, teach the basics of how the hand on an analog clock works.  Therefore this app must not be considered as a primary source for teaching time.  I do, however, highly recommend this as a supplement to date and time lesson plans. It is aligned with Common Core Standards for mathematics for telling time in grades 1-3.  It is a fabulous resource as it is highly educational and very entertaining at the same time.  This one is definitely a must have app for kids!

 To download this app please use this link: Todo Telling Time – Locomotive Labs small box

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