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What we love…

Overview of traditional and modern day Indian dance complete with costume and history of the dance

What we’d love to see…

a picture of the animal in costume prior to dressing them completely and without having to use the lightbulb


Great app for teaching about Indian culture and dance both historical and current.

Our Rating

Fulwanti & SlimC by Kids&Beyond is an iPad only app that teaches Indiana Classical dance via Fulwanti: the Elephant and SlimC: The Crocodile.  You dress up either character and then they “surprise” you with a dance.  The app provides an overview of the origin of the dance as well as allowing you to see clothes in culture.

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After selecting a game, you can scroll through the wardrobe to pick a dance form which is then acted out by the character such as ballet, salsa, hip hop and more “modern dances” by the crocodile SlimC.  Fulwanti the Elephant does more traditional Indian dances.

I loved the dressing of the elephant and the crocodile and learning about the different dance forms.  The accent of the narrator was clear although at times it did seem like there was a slight echo.  I also liked that after you completed a dance with outfit that you could have it in your album so you could go back and review it at a later time.  I enjoyed learning the historical origins of many of the dances which I was unaware of.

In terms of enhancements it took me a little while to match up the lightbulb to a “help” feature so it might be helpful to provide that information.  I would also love to see a link to a video of a real person doing the dance in addition to the animal as well a description of each of the items that you are dressing the character in.

Of note, the app does allow you to send an e-card as long as you have a passcode which you can set.  You must enter the passcode in order to send the card via email.  There are other pieces of information within the app under the “i” button but none of the links are clickable.  The app is best suited for older elementary aged children especially those interested in dance and historical and current costumes.


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