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What we love…

Enormous potential for creativity, animated artwork

What we’d love to see…

Ability to lock or remove external links.


A brilliant art app that unleashes creativity with a touch of animation.

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Mega LopArtHave you ever drawn something and wished that you could see it come to life?  Mega Lopart by LopLop Inc. will make that wish come true!

Mega Lopart is a brilliant drawing app that allows you to add animations to your drawings via tools that make your brush strokes pulsate, swirl, spin, inflate, deflate, and more.  It maximizes creativity by not only offering a large amount of effect brushes, textures, and colors, but also by allowing the artist to control the shading, layers, brush sizes, and brush tips.  It also includes a preview pane that shows the selected brush and effects so that the artist can adjust it to his or her liking before making a stroke on the “paper”.  Artwork is saved automatically in the artist’s portfolio and can be edited anytime.

megalopart cat


You can view the animated version by clicking this link: Sleeping Cat Mega LopArtVideo – watch the grass and clouds!

Once finished, the artist can share his or her artwork in the gallery.  If it gets several votes, it gets featured as a masterpiece.  It is amazing to see all the incredible art pieces in the gallery.  It really shows how powerful this app is and how vastly creative one can get with it.

While it is not difficult to figure out your way around the app, Mega Lopart, with its amazing detail and complexity, is best suited for older children and adults.  For younger users, there is a simpler Mini Lopart you can check out.

Mega Lopart does contain external links – app store links, email sharing options and enabling the user to enter an email address to subscribe to LopLop’s newsletter. It would be nice to have an option to lock or remove these for when it is being used by older elementary school-aged children.

I was very impressed with Mega Lopart and my daughter has become an avid user.  She has created several works of art, some of which I was pleasantly surprised to find featured in Lopart’s Facebook page. Being able to see other artwork in the gallery has also made her become more creative with her own.  She highly recommends Mega Lopart and so do I.  This is an incredible art app you don’t want to miss!

megaLopart 2

Mega LopArt – LopLop inc.


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