Mighty-Yeti-Studios-Logo-MedResMighty Yeti Studios is an indie animation start up founded by husband-and-wife team Jennie and Josh Book from Half Moon bay, California.

Jennie and Josh started Mighty Yeti in order to tell stories through storybook apps, animation, and games. Inspired by watching their two young children develop a love for reading through using interactive storybooks, they’re excited to bring their own stories to life. The apps will feature word highlighting as they are read to encourage budding readers, and are bilingual, featuring both Spanish and English-reading options, that the children can toggle back and forth between.

This week they launched their first two interactive storybook apps, A Shark Knocked On The Door and Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles, on Kickstarter, where the crowdfunders are supportive and enthusiastic, and every backer receives a fun reward in return. Their aim is to raise $12,000 in 30 days and they are off to a good start having already raised over $3,300 in the first 3 days.

Jennie is a writer, and Josh has worked in entertainment and animation for many years helping create hit the TV shows Bubble Guppies and The Penguins of Madagascar for Nickelodeon, and Sheriff Callie’s Wild West for Disney. For their first two books they have teamed up with two accomplished and talented animation artists Eddie Betancourt and Roman Laney.

Mr. Cupcake Has The Sprinkles” is a quirky and humorous tale of a talking cupcake driven to the brink when he can’t identify a maddening crunching noise emanating from his surroundings. Featuring a silly cast of characters including his dog Mrs. Cat, and a monkey who mashes mangoes, kids will love the fun, interactive illustrations by animation artist Eddie Betancourt (Axe Cop) and the wacky words by Jennie Book.

mr cupcake

A Shark Knocked On The Door” is a heartfelt story of a young boy and his Grandma and their favorite pastime of sailing boats down the gutter in their neighborhood after a storm. When their boat disappears into the sewer, imagine their surprise when the boat is returned by a friendly shark named Soupy! In this story of special new friendships, they all go on a magical journey under the sea, which is filled with bright and colorful interactive sea creatures. “A Shark Knocked on the Door” features rhyming prose by Jennie Book and beautiful illustrations by animation artist Roman Laney (Nickelodeon’s Bubble GuppiesEl Tigre).

a shark knocked


You can join the fun by checking out their Kickstarter and pledging your support – they have lots of fun rewards at all levels.