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What we love…

Cute rhyming story, well narrated with word highlighting as it is read. Lots of extra activities, games and coloring pages

What we’d love to see…

The app to save your place in the story, interactive elements not to be triggered until narration is over, “Hatty Rap” video added to app.


Cute rhyming story about a Vegetarian Tiger who stays true to himself even when things get hard. It is a fun and engaging storybook app with lots of extras. Good value at the current price of $1.99

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The Tiger Who Wasn't Hatty the tiger is the star of a series of books by Jonathan Ayre. “The Tiger Who Wasn’t” is Hatty’s first book app. It contains the book, coloring pages and mini-games. The app is child-friendly with no adverts, in-app purchases or external links. The app has lively background music that can be turned off in settings, and optional narration with word highlighting as it is read. It has a page navigation option so you can easily find favorite pages.

Hatty is a very unusual tiger – he doesn’t like the taste of meat ! His favorite food is avocado and honey. His parents try to persuade him but to no avail- Hatty is a vegetarian tiger! The other tigers don’t want to be friends with a vegetarian tiger, but Hatty doesn’t mind- he is happy to be friends with any kind of animal. Hatty sets out to make new friends, but things don’t quite go to plan, as all the animals are scared of him. Hatty doesn’t give up, he is determined to make new friends. You’ll have to read the story to find out how Hatty finally finds his place and finds friends who accept him as he is.

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As well the the story the app contains lots of extras to keep your child busy. There are 4 pictures of Hatty to color and 3 mini-games.

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Hatty Match

The reader has to match 8 pictures of fruit and vegetables to their names. When they get it right they learn about that fruit or vegetable.

Hatty’s Hide and Seek

Hatty and 5 of his friends are hiding in the jungle- can you find them all? It is pretty tricky to find them all as they are well hidden, but when you do find them they come out to play. If you successfully find all 6 there are 2 more scenes to find them in.

Hatty’s Avocado Roll

In this fun and challenging game the player has to roll an avocado to Hatty without it bring eaten by his hungry friends. It is like a wooden labyrinth – you need to tilt the iPad to roll the avocado but watch out for holes, hungry animals and other obstacles! There are twenty levels to complete with increasingly complex courses.

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The story is illustrated with bright, colorful, hand-drawn pictures and is told in rhyming verse. The narration is well-done with the narrator doing different voices for the different animals. The app has interactive elements that trigger light animation, sound effects and dialog. Hatty is a good role-model- he sticks to his beliefs even when they are unpopular, and he believes in equality “a friend doesn’t have to be one of my kind.” Sadly, for part of the story the other animals aren’t very nice to Hatty, but it all works out in the end and he makes new friends without having to compromise what he believes in. I like how Hatty perseveres even when things are tough and stays himself.

In a future update I would like to see the app bookmark your place if you leave the story part way through, instead of it taking you back to the home page. I’d also like the interactive elements to be not able to be triggered until the narration is over – it can be distracting if little fingers are pressing during the story especially if additional dialog is triggered during the narration. The author has made an adorable music video of the story, “Hatty Rap”, on YouTube and I’d love to see that included in the app.

Overall, this is a cute story with a moral about staying true to what you believe. It is a fun and engaging storybook app with lots of extras. All children will enjoy this cute story, but I think it will be especially meaningful to children who are “different” such as those with Special Needs, who will identify with Hatty’s quest to find friends who accept them just as they are. It is good value at the current price of $1.99


The Tiger Who Wasn’t – DragonPencil.com

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