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What we love…

Imaginative play, child free to play and explore in their own way, bright, colorful graphics, gentle play, fun medieval knight theme.

What we’d love to see…

More detailed graphics, saving progress when you close the app, parents screen with instructions.


A fun imaginary play app best suited to preschool- aged children, who will enjoy exploring the Kingdom, building a castle, flying on a dragon and playing mini-games.

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Wungi KnightsImagine flying on the back of a dragon to a faraway land, where a Princess sends you on a quest to build her a beautiful castle. Your child can act out this fantasy with Wungi Knights, the newest universal app from Wungi, developer of Wungi Pirates. The app is designed for young adventurers from 3-6 years old and is child-friendly with no adverts, in-app purchases or social media. There is an app store link, but it is well- hidden and protected by a child -lock which you have to tap 5x to unlock. The app has no written or spoken language so can be enjoyed by non-readers.

In Wungi Knights the child gets to play at being an knight in shining armor. A wicked wizard has demolished the Princess’s castle and the knight can bring a smile back to her face by rebuilding it. Scattered throughout the Kingdom are blocks needed to rebuild the castle- some just require tapping on to collect them, others you need to play a mini-game to earn them. When each block is returned to the castle it magically becomes part of the castle- maybe a wall or a tower, the keep or the well. The knight can use these pieces like a building set, to build any kind of castle he wishes. There are 20 pieces to collect and the Princess counts down from 20 to let the player know how many pieces there are left.


The Knight can explore the Kingdom in three different ways- on foot, horseback or flying on his pet dragon. My kids did find working out how to fly the dragon a little tricky and it would be nice to have a parents screen with instructions in case a child needs help. To move the the horse, dragon, or knight the chid needs to tap the screen. The horse is the simplest, he moves along the path and tapping increases his speed. With the dragon tapping increases his height when flying, tap in the middle to go forward, to the sides to turn. With the knight tapping near his body/feet gets him moving forwards, to the side lets him turn, and below him makes him move backwards. With the knight on foot you can even explore inside the castle you have created.

There is no “right” order to collect the blocks, do the mini-games or build the castle – the child is free to do it whatever way they wish. They can complete the castle by just doing mini-games, by just collecting blocks or a combination of the two. The mini-games include feeding the dragon cupcakes; working on sorting skills by picking fruit and putting it in the right baskets; shape matching when brewing a potion with the witch; completing a puzzle to make a sword; sword fighting with a dummy, and brushing the horse. My favorite mini-game is archery practice – the child gets to aim and fire arrows at 3 targets which fall over when they are hit, but instead of sharp tips these arrows have rubber suction cups just like a child’s play archery set.


I like the imaginary play opportunities Wungi Knights provides, that the child is free explore it as they wish, and that they can build a different castle each time. Although it is a tale of knights, Princesses, dragons, witches and wizards; it is done in a very gentle way making it very suitable for preschool age children. The graphics are bright and colorful but not as detailed as in some other apps- sometimes they are a little pixelated at the edges. If you close the app you lose the blocks you have collected, I would like it to save the progress.


Overall, a fun imaginary play app best suited to preschool and kindergarten aged children, who will enjoy exploring the Kingdom, building a castle, flying on a dragon and playing mini-games. It is an imaginary play app, but does also include some educational elements: working on matching shapes and colors, puzzle solving and hand-eye co-ordination.


Regularly $2.99 this app is on an introductory sale for 99c- a great time to buy!

Wungi Knights – Peter Hofstede

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