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Retro, handcrafted feel, entertaining and interactive story with a message

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Page navigation, bookmarking, word highlightig


A delightful interactive book app,with an important message as part of the story. It teaches children ways better care for our planet, and also that they can be part of the solution, but delivers it in a subtle way .Highly recommended!

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Vincent the Anteater´s Space VoyageVincent the Anteater´s Space Voyage is an adorable universal app from El Pudu Studios. It can be read in 10 different languages including English, Spanish and French. Vincent is created from felt and all the other characters and scenes are also created from fabric. It is an interactive adventure that subtly teaches children about ecology whilst they enjoy an interactive story. The app is child-friendly with no external links, in-app purchases or adverts. The app has optional narration in English, which is well-done, but no word highlighting as it is read. It is enhanced with animation, nice background music and realistic sound effects.

Vincent the Anteater lives in the forest with his fellow anteaters and a wise old Armadillo called Peter. Vincent is a science-minded Anteater and his friend Peter teaches him all about nature with his powerful magnifying glass. Vincent loves to eat ants- all kinds of ants, but his absolute favorite are Green Hairy Ants. One day he discovers there are no Green Hairy Ants, so he asks his friends what to do. The other anteaters think dancing to the Great Cosmic Anteater will solve the problem, but Peter the Armadillo is worried and advises Vincent to fly into space to ask the Great Cosmic Anteater what to do about the missing ants. Vincent builds a rocket to fly to the sky.


As Vincent through space he lands on 9 different planets, and the reader can choose which order he visits them. On each planet Vincent encounter a different problem, the reader can help Vincent solve the problem and at the same time learn about keeping ourselves and our planet healthy.


Vincent finally reaches the Great Cosmic Anteater and finds she is not what he expected, and can not tell him the answer to his problem. Vincent returns home and realizes that he can solve the problem of the missing Green Hairy Ants himself.

I really love this book app – it has a lovely retro, hand-crafted feel about it. Every page has interactive elements for the reader to find- and they are very much part of the story, such as helping Vincent slurp ants up with his long tongue and helping him build his rocket and solve problems on the different planets. If the reader can’t find the interactions hints appear to help. Vincent is a likable character and it is fun to explore different planets with him, and help him to make them better and more eco-friendly. The book app can be enjoyed at two different levels -younger readers will enjoy reading or listening to the story and older ones can tap on the text box to learn more about the various ecological issues. There are a few changes I would like to see in a future update- I would love to see bookmarking, a page navigation option, narration added in more languages, word highlighting and the ability to delay the interactive elements until after the narration is completed.


Overall this is a delightful interactive book app. I love its handcrafted, retro feel and the interactions, sound effects and animations that bring the story to life. This story has an important message: it teaches children ways better care for our planet, and also that they can be part of the solution, but delivers it in a subtle way. It also gives an opportunity for older children to learn more about ecology and the message behind the story. Highly recommended!


Free lite version: Vincent the Anteater´s Space Voyage LITE – El Pudu Studios
Full version: Vincent the Anteater´s Space Voyage – El Pudu Studios

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