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engaging book, highly educational, huge amount of historical information made interesting for children

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I love it the way it is!


A fictional e-book, audio book,with historical artifacts, videos and insights, all rolled into one. Beautifully written and illustrated, containing a huge amount of historical and equestrian information.

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War Horse Featuring Michael Morpurgo

War Horse is an app based on the beloved book of the same name by Michael Morpurgo.  It is an e-book and audio book in one.  It includes a World War I timeline full of fascinating facts, key events, stories, photos, and maps.  It also includes several videos, one of which features the author.


From the moment I opened this app, I was completely impressed with it.  The layout on the home page is beautiful and beckons you to take a journey in time with a remarkable and magnificent horse named Joey.


iPad Screenshot 2Joey is a farm horse who suddenly finds himself in the middle of World War I after he is sold by his owner to the British Army.  The story is so well written you cannot help but fall in love with Joey.  He is endearing and my daughter and I found it very hard to put the book/app down.  It is a first person, or perhaps I should say first animal, narrative.  It was different and very interesting to see war through a horse’s perspective.


The e-book is a breeze to navigate.  On the top center of the screen is the chapter title and immediately to the right of it is a small arrow that opens a drop down menu that allows you to jump to any chapter with just a simple click.  Further on the right is a font button that allows you to make the text bigger or smaller, and a timeline button that brings up sidebar with thumbnails of historical information from the same period as the current chapter.


To the left of the chapter title is the home button and the audio button.  Pressing on the audio button will start the narration at the beginning of the chapter.  To have the narration start at a different point, simply click on the sentence you want to start listening to.  Pressing on the button again will stop the narration, and pressing it a third time will start the narration where it left off.  The book is narrated by the author himself.  I have to say that Michael Murongo is not only a brilliant writer, but an excellent narrator as well.

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The timeline is a wealth of information about World War I, mostly as it takes place in Belgium and France.  Some key events from other countries are included as well.  It has the same drop down navigation as the book.  It can be read chronologically, or by theme/topic.  Information is given in short and engaging pieces, making them easily digestible and even memorable to children.


The Insights section is outstanding.  It contains numerous videos that do indeed provide insight into the book, the author, World War I, and horses.  I am amazed at how much information is included in this app and how well they are presented.


I love this app and there is not a single thing I would change about it.  In fact, I have already incorporated it into my daughter’s History and English subjects.  I whole heartedly recommend this app to those with older children.  This is an app you simply don’t want to miss out on.


War Horse Featuring Michael Morpurgo – Touch Press 

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