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fun, funny, great illustrations and interactions, well narrated

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an adore-a-bull tale, and well worth downloading, my children (from age 6-10 years) thought it was hilarious.

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Angus the Irritable BullAngus the Irritable Bull is an iPad only, interactive book app written by Dean Proudfoot and illustrated by Daron Parton. It is professionally narrated by Helena McAlpine. It is accompanied by lively music and realistic bovine sound effects, both of which can be switched off in settings. The text can be hidden and the narration can be switched off, there is no word-highlighting as it is read.  The settings options and page navigation are available from every screen. The app is totally child-safe with no adverts, in-app purchases or external links.


Angus is a very irritable bull, everyone on the farm is scared of him. The cows quake when he comes near, the farmer’s teeth chatter and the hen and the sheepdog run and hide. Everyone steers clear of Angus, afraid of what he will do. Angus’s favorite past-time is stomping on daisies and buttercups and he never has any friends. One day  a little bird decides to perch an Angus’s back, much to Angus’s consternation. You’ll have to read the story to find out what happens next, but Angus ends up making a new friend and people get to see a new side of him.

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The app is beautifully illustrated and funny, with animation and over 80 fun interactive elements. My favorites are the storm cloud over Angus which bursts into thunder and lightening when you touch it, and the rather unusual bird band. There are subtler interactions too- touching the daisies makes them bloom, so they get a moment in the sun before Angus squashes them !  The narration is very well done, with the narrator doing different voices for the different animals. I love all the different ways Angus is described – huffy, gruffy, miffy, furious, grumpy and irritable.

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Overall, it is an adore-a-bull tale, and well worth downloading, my children (from age 6-10 years) thought it was hilarious. This book app is full of tongue-in-cheek humor and it is just fun!

Angus is regularly $2.99 but on sale for only 99c until the 26th don’t miss it !!

Angus the Irritable Bull – Watermark Ltd

Angus the Irritable Bull - A funny story of friendship on the farm Angus the Irritable Bull - A funny story of friendship on the farm by Watermark Ltd

Price: $0.99 USD

Winner of "The Best Pick Award" 2015 Tech with Kids for exceptional design of a children's app

***"Angus the Irritable Bull belongs in every child's library of book apps! " Techwithkids.com




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