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What we love…

Settings options, customization of words, ability to change sounds, level position targeted all on one page, games

What we’d love to see…

I’d love to see this program targeting sounds from an apraxia approach. Sound, cv, vc etc.


A must have app when working with young children who are at least at the word level!

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Articulation Carnival ProArticulation Carnival Pro is the biggest hit with my youngest kids working on articulation skills and surprisingly the older kids choose this app as well!  I have never had a student say a program is too young for them if they get to be the one to choose it, only when they want to play something else because it is too hard for them.

Articulation carnival has the most choices for selecting phonemes (47) I have ever seen. There are vocalic r options as well as s, l and r blends. The amazing part is you choose the blends your child needs to work on. For example if they only need tr and gr you can work on only those two and not all r blends! you can also choose the specific words you want to target. You can choose word, phrase or sentence level and can even practice all three for each word if you want. Students can press a play button to hear the stimulus, they can record their voice and listen to it. The therapist can mark correct, approximation or wrong, as well as make notes on every page at each level.

iPad Screenshot 2For each correct answer the student earns a balloon and once they have collected enough balloons they get to play a game! The therapist sets the number of correct responses needed to earn a game. Choices include: spray ducks, basketball, balloon darts and the strength hammer. I usually limit game time to 30 seconds for each game and then go back to practicing. the program allows for changing student, changing sound from the chosen sounds for the session, position of word,  and level (word, phrase, sentence) easily all on the same page.

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There are many settings. The therapist can set different or same sounds for correct, incorrect and approximation sound. for the games you can set the basketball game time in increments of 5 seconds from 10-50 seconds, the balloon game reward from 1-5, and the ducks reward game from 10-40. The therapist can choose to show text, random paging, show score, enable reward and have game music. Rewards games can be set to after 1-10 correct responses. Data can be backed up and restored. And Custom words can be added! Many of my students can’t say their name which is very important to them and their parents, I love to see their faces the first time they see their own picture and get to practice their own name or any other word that is important to them. Reports can be emailed for a student. They can be generated by goal/ sound or by date. Virtual Speech Center is quick to respond to questions and make adjustments to games based upon feedback.

I am very impressed with this app – the settings options, customization of words, ability to change sounds, level position targeted all on one page, and the built-in reward games. My students love it -a must have app when working with young children who are at least at the word level!

Articulation Carnival Pro – Virtual Speech Center Inc.

Articulation Carnival Pro Articulation Carnival Pro by Virtual Speech Center Inc.

Price: $36.99 USD

****My students LOVE this app! They are motivated to work hard during the drill portion of the app so they can participate in the carnival games. This app is truly a hit with all age groups! (Appabled.

A free lite version of the app is also available with IAP for individual phonemes. Articulation Carnival – Virtual Speech Center Inc.

Articulation Carnival Articulation Carnival by Virtual Speech Center Inc.

Price: $FREE

The Articulation Carnival app is a comprehensive and flexible articulation program to practice pronunciation of ALL English phonemes at the word, phrase, and sentence levels.

The app includes .


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