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What we love…

Bugs that come alive, beautiful graphics and animations, imaginative art tools, fun games

What we’d love to see…

Move stickers at any time, artwork to be saved in the camera roll, difficulty setting for games


A unique and outstanding art app with a splash of magic!

Our Rating

Bug ArtHow can you make art even more fun? By doing it with bugs, of course! Bug Art by Little Bit Studio is an exciting and outstanding new app that is unlike any I have ever seen. It features five fun activities, vibrant illustrations, out of this world animation, and tons of interactivity. In essence, it is art with a splash of magic!


The opening sequence in Bug Art makes it look like a package has just arrived and there is excitement as the child shakes it and opens it to see what is inside. Underneath the Styrofoam packing peanuts, children discover that there are five items to play with it: Free Paint, Bug Designer, Bug Race, Butterfly Valley, and Playground.


Free Paint and Bug Designer encourage children to use their imagination and creativity as they construct masterpieces and design new bugs using a variety of tools including a 36 color palette, 3 different sized paintbrushes, a marker, a pencil, glitter, stickers, stamps, a camera, and 7 special bug brushes. Yes, bug brushes! Children will absolutely enjoy discovering each bug’s whimsical pattern.


In Free Paint children can choose to make artwork with a blank canvas or choose from one of several backgrounds. They can also learn how to draw different bugs, and Bug Art’s precise interactive tracing makes it very easy to do so. All artwork can be saved within the app and edited at any time.


Bug Designer gives children an opportunity to create their own bugs. There are nine bug stencils to color, stamp, and paint as they choose. What is amazing is that with just a touch of a button the bugs they create come alive! They can even take their new bugs out to play in three fun activities.


Crawling bugs can compete in Bug Race. Flying bugs can take a leisurely flight by following a path among the dandelions in Butterfly Valley. Crawling and flying bugs alike can explore and discover fun things to do in the garden Playground. These activities, besides being incredibly fun and very easy to play, also work on gross motor movement, fine motor movement, memorization, and counting skills.


Bug Art comes with gorgeous HD retina graphics. It has 12 language settings: Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Danish, English, French, Japanese, Dutch, and Swedish. It can be played by multiple children and each child will be assigned his or her very own bug box. It does not have any external links, which to me is like icing on a cake!


There are a few minor things I would love to see in future updates. I would like to be able to move stickers on the page even after it has been applied. There were a couple of times my daughter decided she wanted the sticker somewhere else, but since she already applied it she could no longer move it. I would also like to be able to save artwork in the camera roll to make it easy to save a copy on the computer and share with family and friends. I think Bug Art could easily be enjoyed by older kids as well and it would be a great addition to have a difficulty setting for Bug Race and Butterfly Valley.


Little Bit Studio, developers of award winning Bugs and Bubbles, does not fail to deliver and impress. Bug Art is sure to be another hit. It is intelligent, beautiful, entertaining, educational, and is as limitless as children’s imaginations. I highly recommend it because I know, without a doubt, that you are going to love it! Highly recommended for ages 3-6 years.


Bug Art – Little Bit Studio, LLC.

Bug Art Bug Art by Little Bit Studio, LLC.

Price: $1.99 USD

Bugs, big and small, come to life right underneath your fingertips! Choose from over 60 tools, including beautiful stickers, to customize your very own pet insects! Then, set your lovable little bugs .


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