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130 engaging pictures, great selection of tools and colors, very customizable

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Even more coloring pages and stickers


A great coloring book app with  over 130 pictures to color, sketchbook pages and a whole wealth of coloring and drawing tools. It has 3 different levels and a very customizable user interface

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icon512-1PicoToons Coloring Book is the first app from Polish developer BigoBjuo. It features over 130 pictures to color, sketchbook pages and a whole wealth of coloring and drawing tools. It has no adverts, in-app purchases or external links. There is a parents section behind a gate- secured by multi-step math questions. In the parents section you can choose which level the child works at, but also customize many aspects of the app. You can switch on/off: the ability to save pictures to the camera roll (very useful to avoid filling it up!); saving to the built-in gallery, deleting drawings from the gallery and editing pictures in the gallery. You can also lock the child within one coloring page or within one coloring book. Music and sound effects can also be turned off in settings. You can also limit the size of the gallery, no of steps in the undo button, choose the location of additional toolbars and where or not to hide tools whilst drawing.

The app has 3 different levels and a comprehensive parents guide, which I’d recommend reading as it has useful information about the different levels. All of the pictures are available in each level, but which tools are available varies from level to level.

There are 5 different coloring books to choose from, each contains coloring pages that fit a particular theme. The books are: animals, occupations, fairies & friends, robots, and creatures. Within each book there are lots of pictures to choose from, all drawn in a fun cartoon- like style.

Beginner Level

This is very simple for the youngest users. Coloring is only by “fill-in”. A color palette is on the right side of the screen and the user scrolls up and down for more choices. There are a huge range to choose from- many shades of primary, secondary and tertiary colors but also a huge range of patterns too.  All the coloring pages are accessible.

Intermediate Level

As well as the fill tool the child also has access to a pencil and eraser with variable tip sizes. Over 80 stickers are also accessible in this level. Stickers can be rotated and re-sized, and cover a variety of topics from food and flowers; through hair, sunglasses and dress-up items; to planets and spacecraft. As well as the coloring pages, the artist all has access to the sketchbook which contains blank pages and pages with a variety of picture starters for them to complete as they wish.


Advanced Level
All the tools are available in this level, and all coloring pages and the sketchbook. The tools are: Fill Tool, Pencil, Crayon, Brush, Marker, Paint Spray, Magic Particles Tool, Stickers, and Letters Tool. You can adjust the tip size of the various tools and the opacity of the color. With the letters tool you can choose upper or lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols; they can be re-sized and positioned similarly to the stickers. The magic particle tool draws with your choice of a variety of shapes such as flowers, leaves, bubbles and dots.

In advanced mode the Fill Tool can be used in 2 different ways – simple or advanced. With simple it will fill -in any area defined by the original drawing. In advanced mode it fills by color boundary, for example if you draw a square inside part of a drawing tapping inside this will fill in only the square. This is a great tool for making it easy to personalize the coloring pages with your own additional design details.


Color Palette

One of my favorite things about this app is the huge color palette it includes- not only are there lots of different colors and shades to choose from but also a huge range of detailed colored patterns which make it easy to create some very unusual and interesting pictures.


There are many, many coloring apps on the market but I do feel PicoToons Coloring Book stands out from the crowd. The pictures are fun and engaging, and with 130 pictures there are plenty to choose from. Where it really shines is in the developer’s attention to detail. BigoBjuo have made a coloring book with a great selection of adjustable tools, a huge color palette, very customizable user interface and a great selection of fun, engaging pictures. It can be a very simple, easy to use, fill-in coloring book for toddlers and yet it can also be a medium for older children to really use their creativity and imagination both by creating their own pictures and finding new ways to decorate the included illustrations. My favorite features are the advanced options for fill-in coloring, the  variety and adjustability of the drawing and coloring tools, and the huge color palatte- especially all the included patterns. Highly recommended!

PicoToons Coloring Book – Bigo Bjuo 


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