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What we love…

fun game for one or more players at the same time with no “rules” that lets you have role play and imagination.  Loved that it allowed for multi player interaction

What we’d love to see…

garage to park the cars or one central location, ability to drive the car from a first person perspective


Fun addition to the Dr. Panda line of apps with no rules just fun!  Great for multi-player fun and this Mom enjoyed it too!

Our Rating

Dr. Panda’s Toy Cars by Dr. Panda is the newest universal app for iOS that allows your children to role-play and use their imaginations in two cities with a variety of vehicles ranging from a fire truck, boat, police car, ambulance, cargo truck, regular cars and more.  The two cities are a winter city and a summertime city.  The app allows you to “drive” with your finger, turn on and off sirens, put out fires, put up and down barriers for the railroad crossing and more.  The app is designed for children from toddler through preschool although my elementary aged student really enjoyed the activities contained within the app.

iPhone Screenshot 3My son loved that two of us (or more) could play with the app at the same time as you can drive multiple vehicles simultaneously.  Each vehicle in the app has a unique trait ranging from the police car to the firetruck putting out fires and the ambulance taking sick people to help.  There are no time limits which meant we could play for as long as we wanted or as short of a period of time as we wanted.  I think one of his favorite parts was picking out vehicles – I have to say the firetruck and cargo truck got quite a bit of use during our testing.  There were unique features such as putting out a fire, catching a crook, filling up with gas and more which were all hidden within the app as fun extras that you wouldn’t always find unless you were tapping in random places.  My son liked loading the cargo truck as well which required you to find the loading spot, putting out fires with the elephants and more.

iPad Screenshot 4In terms of improvements, I’d like to see a “garage” where you can park the vehicles in since they are randomized on the screen and sometimes you have to move one in order to go forward.  Some of the vehicles like the fire truck and police car are parked at the station while others are out on the road.  My son likes to just “crash” into the cars in his way, but I preferred being able to move them out of the way.  We would also like to be able to “drive” the car from a first person perspective and see outside the windshield similar to Dr. Panda Bus Driver.

There are no in-app purchases or third-party ads and the app contains a parental gate which requires the tapping of a lock mechanism for a randomized number of times. I really enjoyed playing with the app with my son and it is fun for kids of all ages as you can sit down and play to your child’s level with imagination.


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