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To celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month we have 3 codes for Reading TherAppy to give away. You can read Grace’s review below (published in May 2012).

Reviewed by Grace

Reading TherAppyAfter my recent review of Writing TherAppy, I’ve come to expect only the best from Tactus Therapy Solutions’ apps.  Its latest app for reading comprehension, Reading TherAppy delivers the same attention to details, high quality photographs, flexibility, ease of use, automated scoring for easy data tracking and the ability for emailing results.

It has 4 modes, each with over 450 exercises, for more than 1800 reading comprehension practice items.

Phrase Matching – A picture will appear on the screen along with 4 phrases from which you choose the one best matches the picture.

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Sentence Matching – A picture and 4 sentences will appear for you to choose.

Phrase Completion – An incomplete phrase will appear along with 4 words from which you choose the best to complete the phrase.  No picture is shown.

Sentence Completion – Same as the Phrase Completion mode but you are required to complete a sentence instead.

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Within each mode, you can choose up to 14 categories to work on – Adjectives, Animals, Body Parts, Clothing, Colors, Concepts, Food, Furnishings, Numbers, Objects, People, Places, Sports and Verbs.

I like it that the app allows you to keep trying to find the correct answer before advancing to the next exercise.  Once the correct answer is selected, it is paired with the stimulus (picture/phrase/sentence) for reinforcement and processing of the answer.  But if you do not wish to answer any item, you can use the forward button to skip it.  There is also a back button allowing you to return to retry these skipped exercises.  This flexibility is useful as it allows you to go back to discuss the completed exercises as well.

The matching exercises may seem easy but upon trying, one realize that they are rather challenging.  You really need to read carefully and use your problem solving skills before choosing your answer.  I do wish that there is an easier level where my youngest son can start with fewer fields to choose from.  Due to his limited vocabulary, I got him to try only categories like colors and numbers.

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On the other hand, the Phrase and Sentence Completion exercises were great for testing my older kids’ knowledge of common phrases and functional use of the English language.  To increase the app’s educational value for students, it would be perfect if a short definition or an example of its use can be added for phrases, especially helpful where the meaning is not so apparent.

As this is an app for reading (as opposed to auditory) comprehension, the words in the app are not read out.  Personally, I think this is a wonderful app and the lack of audio stimulus shouldn’t deter you from checking it out.  If I have my way, I wish that this app can be put under the Education Category in the App Store.  Perhaps then, Reading TherAppy will get the attention from educators and parents that it deserves.  Watch the video demo to see if you agree with me.

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Reading TherAppy – Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Reading Therapy Reading Therapy by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Price: $24.99 USD

1800+ phrase & sentence level reading comprehension tasks with the option of creating your own exercises!

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