To celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month Tactus Therapy has given us 5 codes for Writing TherAppy to give away. You can read Grace’s review below (published in January 2012).

Reviewed by Grace Writing TherAppy

Recently, I found an unlikely spelling app that will help my 5-year-old progress from his cutesy beginner spelling apps to handling future spelling dictations in a formal school setting.  I say unlikely because Writing TherAppy from Tactus Therapy Solutions is actually an app designed by a Speech-Language Pathologist for people with impaired written expression abilities.  But after exploring it, I realized that it was just what I needed and more.


Writing TherAppy is a fully customizable and no-frills spelling app that includes more than 500 spelling words up to 10 letters long and has the ability to add/edit your own words.  The pictures used and recorded voices are clear and the app’s layout is non-distracting.   There is a choice between a North American male voice or UK English female voice.   I can have the spelling exercises done totally in lowercase and there is an indicator bar to show the progress – how many more words to spell (keeps my son going) and the scores so far (very motivating).   The categories of spelling words included in the app are related to things that we are familiar with – animals, body parts, clothing, colors, concepts, food, furnishings, numbers, objects, people, places and sports.


It has 4 learning modes and each has 3 levels of difficulty, that’s a total of 12 learning activities that will grow with my son’s needs as he gets better at spelling:-

Fill-In-The-Blank – the spelling word has 1 or 2 missing letters (depending on level of difficulty) and the student has to select the missing letter(s) from a limited choice or all the letters of the alphabet.  What is wonderful is that the missing letter from the spelling word is not always the same.  The position of the blank changes in every session making each exercise a new one even if you repeat the words.

Copy – move the letters into the appropriate blank spaces to copy the word given.

Spell What You See (Naming) – spell the name of the pictured noun.  You can hear the word by touching the picture.

Spell What You Hear (Dictation) – spell the spoken word without any pictorial clue.


There are also hints to help the student to step down a difficulty level whenever he needs additional help. What I like best about this app is a built-in step that encourages students to do self-checking before tapping on the ‘Check’ button to submit their answers.  I can’t stress enough how important this skill is for any independent learner.  My son was able to focus, select his choice of letter, sound out the word he formed and reselect the letters if necessary until he was satisfied with his answer.  Thanks to this feature, he could correctly spell most of the 47 three-letter words under the Fill in the Blank mode (in one session).  How great is that! The app was recently updated to allow you to add your own words as well as adding an audio recording and image with it.  This is really marvelous as you can add your child’s weekly spelling lists and help your child learn them using the 4 unique learning modes from the app.   I let my son record himself reading the word and I record a sentence to show him how the word can be used.   My heart was so filled with gratitude when I heard him repeated the sentences I recorded for him when not working on the app.   Not only is this app helping him with his spelling, it’s also a great tool for building his expressive language.  He also had fun choosing the images for the words in his spelling list.  We can either use screenshots of images found on the internet or our own photos! Designed for adult users, Writing TherAppy is not childish and is suitable for older children.  With the ability to add and edit unlimited custom word lists, you can now use all the app’s great features to practice  your child’s spelling words throughout his elementary school years.   To see this well thought-out app in action, check out their video demo and download the lite version to try.   This app is a worthwhile investment and you shouldn’t miss it. [yframe url=’’]   Facebook Twitter Writing TherAppy – Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Writing Therapy Writing Therapy by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Price: $24.99 USD

Writing Therapy is a unique app for spelling practice for adults with brain injury or stroke as well as ESL speakers or children learning to spell.

** Try it for FREE in Language Therapy Lite .


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Mary is originally from England but now lives in California with her husband, dog, cat and three children. Mary and her family love Apple products and own an iPad2, iPad3, iPad Mini, iTouch, iPhone5 and several MacBook Pros. They also love cub scouts, skiing, camping and hiking. The family iPads are also used for therapy for their daughters Apraxia (speech disorder).

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