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What we love…

Fun graphics, allows you to practice fine motor skills and dexterity

What we’d love to see…

training un timed mode with more “lives”


Fun app for kids to practice powers of observation and fine motor skills – better for older kids and parents

Our Rating

BugStar for Kids by Australian app designer Micro Wag is an universal app for iOS that allows you to practice fine motor coordination, observation while squishing bugs on your screen.  There are three game speeds – easy, fast and crazy with two different modes classic and mania.  The classic mode has bugs crawling across the screen and no specified time limit other than lives while the mania mode has a sixty second timer where you squash as many bugs as you can in that period.  There are eight different bugs to mash and multiple levels – but be sure to watch out for the spider who if squished will end the game immediately.  The app includes shields, bug barriers and more which are earned by squishing the bugs as well as different tools to squish them with.  If you miss a bug which you should have squished you automatically lose a life – so this can tend to make users try to squish more bugs rather than paying attention to the types of them.

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I liked that you could set the app to play either left or right handed – this made it easy to practice dexterity while having fun and playing the app.  The backgrounds and graphics contained within the app were bright and colorful and the information about each type of bug was helpful so we made sure to not squash the wrong bugs – at least intentionally!

In terms of improvements to the app, I would like to see a training mode especially for younger kids that includes more than three lives and no timing on it.  My six year old even found the easy mode too difficult at times since he wanted to be sure to avoid the dreaded spider and losing his progress.

The app contains no external links or in-app purchases.  I would suggest this for older kids perhaps those over the age of 10 as the pace of the app moves quite quickly and a younger child can get lost and frustrated.  Note – there is another version of this app BugStar in the app store which includes game center integration and in-app purchases but that  is not the one that we reviewed.

Overall impression is that this is a good app for older children and parents but younger children may find it frustrating rather than fun due to the pace and the spider who can creep in and not always be seen.  It’s a good app for practicing fine motor skills as well as object identification.


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