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What we love…

Beautiful images; the ability to customize lessons or search community-made lessons; the ability to track user data

What we’d love to see…

randomized presentation of exercises, randomized correct/incorrect answer sounds


An electronic set of  ABA/ language arts flash cards – with the option to make custom lessons or download pre-made lessons from an ever-growing community-based library.

Our Rating

Reviewed by Mary and MaricaSee.Touch.Learn Pro See the image, Touch the image, Learn – simple as that!  We first reviewed See.Touch.Learn. in 2012 but is has had some major updates since then with a new voice, new lesson generator. lots of new images and libraries, a collaborative community and a sleek new interface.

This app is designed to replace physical flashcards and was initially designed for ABA therapy for Autism, but has a host of other uses including Speech Therapy and Language Arts instruction.The app starts with pre-made lessons and goes to lessons limited only by your imagination. Users are greeted by images and either a verbal or written response as to which item(s) to select. Correct answers are rewarded with verbal praise, incorrect answers are redirected with an auditory cue (and an image wiggle option available in settings). Many custom settings are available. At first, it takes a bit to get familiar with the program, but only because there are so many options! We found the online help videos loaded with information and tips.

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The PRO and SITE versions give access to over 40 libraries containing more than 4,400 images and 2,200 exercises. Even more appealing is access to the ever-growing community based libraries of images, lessons, and exercises. Here users can search through pre-made lessons covering a wide range of topics – social/emotional, environmental safety awareness, familiar books/stories, letters, sight/dolch words… the list is endless.

Brain Parade gives tons of online support too – from an update blog, video libraries of help topics, to community based support forums. And, throughout the app and on the websites, you find numerous links to provide feedback (both ideas and questions).

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A few minor errors we found – a glitch in the student the data tracker on the iPad2 but it worked fine on the iPad-mini. When creating lessons and using the random exercise generator, the same two images are placed in the same exercise. You can go through the lesson editor and change the double images, but it would be nice to avoid the duplication all together.


See.Touch.Learn. is a Speech Therapist’s and a Special Education Teacher’s dream come true. Producers thought of all the stops with this app. The only downside is that the full version is pricey – currently $39.99, but it does have a huge amount of content and a lite version is available for free, so users can try before they buy. This free version includes the ability to use pre-made lessons or customize lessons using the provided images (along with in-app purchases to the Custom Card Creator and community library of lessons/images). The PRO version has an IAP available (currently $4.99) to add student data collection, but everything else is included.

All in all See.Touch.Learn. is a ready to use and fully customizable app all rolled into one beautiful package. It’s an excellent addition to your language arts bag of tricks!

See.Touch.Learn Pro – Brain Parade

See.Touch.Learn Pro See.Touch.Learn Pro by Brain Parade

Price: $49.99 USD

Includes 4,400 pictures, 2,200 exercises and access to the Brain Parade Community with over 4,000 lessons developed by peers. Visual Instruction for Autism and Special Needs. More than 500,000 users in.

Free lite version : See.Touch.Learn. – Brain Parade

See.Touch.Learn. See.Touch.Learn. by Brain Parade

Price: $FREE

Visual Instruction for Autism and Special Needs. Replace all of your flash cards with the 4,400 pictures and 2,200 exercises developed by professionals. More than 500,000 users in 104 countries! Create.


We have 2 copies of the PRO version to giveaway. Winners will be emailed and must respond within 48 hrs to claim their prize

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“Marica is a married mother of three girls (ages 3, 7, and 9). She works as a school based occupational therapist in Northwest Ohio servicing children with unique needs from ages 3 -22. In her free time ☺ she enjoys learning and exploring with her loving family.

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