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Avokiddo ABC Ride

Avokiddo ABC Ride by Avokiddo is a universal app for iOS designed to help your children learn their ABC’s in a fun and interactive way with Beck and Bo. This app allows your children to ride a bike along a path and for each letter there is a “stop” where they learn and practice a specific letter while having trying out each letter in a way that helps them remember. The app not only practices letters, it also includes spelling practice, a game along with each letter along with interactions which help children remember each letter and familiarize them with a specific word to remember it. This app practices expressive and receptive language, spelling, fine motor skills including dragging, gripping and pinching.  Read our full review of this five star app which we felt was a top notch ABC app that also teaches spelling and phonics in a fun and engaging way!

Avokiddo ABC Ride – Official App Trailer from Avokiddo on Vimeo.

Avokiddo ABC Ride Avokiddo ABC Ride by AVOKIDDO

Price: $2.99 USD

Have you ever seen the letter E hatched from an egg? How about a K popping out of a kangaroo’s pouch? Ride your bike and enjoy an exciting hide and seek, letter adventure with Beck and Bo! Solve fun.

beck and bo header 6 Beck and Bo – Review & Giveaway

beckandbo icon 4 150x150 Beck and Bo – Review & GiveawayBeck and Bo is a unique fun, educational app for children aged 2-6 years old.  It is available as a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and is also available for Android. It is part puzzle, part free play. Children play with objects in the scenes, listen to their names and sounds, and see how these words are spelled in the interactive albums. It contains twelve different scenes to explore. There are no adverts, social media links or in-app purchases. It can be enjoyed in English or Swedish. The app is accompanied by lively background music and realistic sound effects. In the sound settings you can choose from sounds only, sounds and names or mute settings.  Read iMum Mary’s review.

Beck and Bo – Official App Trailer from Avokiddo on Vimeo.

Beck and Bo Beck and Bo by AVOKIDDO

Price: $2.99 USD

Build beautiful, animated scenes with characters, objects and animals, play house and learn new words! Beck and Bo is a puzzle game and pretend play adventure that helps children become familiar with .

mzl.asbceezx.480x480 75 Avokiddo Emotions by by Avokiddo – Review

758013 larger Avokiddo Emotions by by Avokiddo – ReviewAvokiddo Emotions by Avokiddo is a delightfully interactive universal app for iOS featuring a giraffe, zebra and a shy and sleepy sheep. The app allows you to select one of the animals and explore the “cause and effect” of hats, objects, foods and even backgrounds to see what they like and do not like. Avokiddo was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of react-IN and previously released an iMum favorite, Beck and Bo in 2012. The app targets children aged 2 to 8 with a variety of activities that include dressing the animals, feeding them a variety of foods which drop from the sky as well as musical instruments, and a variety of other objects. Children simply choose an animal, and then when they are done with the objects on the screen, pull down a handle and then a variety of new objects fall from the sky. . To test an object with the animal, you must simply touch it and then it will perform an action, sometimes the object will stop the action when it is released like the bubbles, and other times the object like the radio will continue to play. This app is a great one for practicing speech, mimicking of specific patterns like blowing a bubble or breathing through a snorkel as well as looking at how the animal feels about the choices you have made for them and creative free play.  Read our full review of this five star app! Delightful app that will provide hours of fun for your child and practices so many different skills including speech, understanding of feelings, creative and free play as well as teaching us that we are each unique.

Avokiddo Emotions – App Official Trailer from Avokiddo on Vimeo.

Avokiddo Emotions Avokiddo Emotions by AVOKIDDO

Price: $2.99 USD

Give your children a serious case of the giggles when you introduce them to a zany zebra, shy sheep, jolly giraffe and modest moose! Dress up, feed, play and care for these cute animals and discover dozens.


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