What we love…

Car designing capability that inspires creativity and a variety of imaginary worlds to drive the cars in.

What we’d love to see…

Paint bucket tool for younger children and undo button in the car designer section.


This is a rare platform game that is geared towards younger children where players drive the cars that they have created within the app.

Our Rating

At a quick glance, Labo Car Designer (3+) looks like any other car designing app. However, there is more to it than that. In fact, it would be more accurate to describe it as a fun platform game created for preschoolers, using cars that have been designed by them within the app.


The app comes with 25 different car design templates plus a blank template, from which your child can start to create their own cars. There is a variety of vehicles that will appeal to every child and the template outline and example provided here will greatly help children who do not have ideas or confidence to create their own designs yet. Tools included for designing are 10 bright colors, adjustable paint brush size, up to 14 customizable tyres, up to 27 beautiful stickers and lights which can be rotated and changed in size. At first, only some of these tyres, stickers and lights are available and your child will have to play in the platform game in order to earn the rest of the add-ons.



To me, the highlight of the app is the platform game, rather than the car designer. After being shown the demo video of the app, my youngest was so eager to play in the game that he rushed through his car design, saved it and waited excitedly for his car to be transported to an imaginary universe. Now, he just goes straight to the garage where we have saved our earlier designs, choose a favorite car and start to drive right away!


With 15 different universe to explore and 4 weather conditions (night or day, rain or snow) to drive in, there are lots of surprises that will make your child smile. Guiding the car through the universe is fairly easy but there are a few obstacles that call for some strategic thinking, sometimes requiring your child to move the car backwards to go onto another platform to avoid immovable obstacles. Platform games that are specifically designed for younger children are rare and to find one that is as outstanding as Labo Car Designer is indeed a rare treat.


So many similar apps stop short of letting the children play with what they have created in the app. Labo Car Designer goes beyond just helping young children create something uniquely theirs and saving these creations to the photo gallery. I believe children will be very motivated to design a new car in this app as there is a purpose to do so. The platform game itself is rewarding as children get to earn more add-on components for their cars as they play more. Car designer or platform game, they are both impressive and fun.


Take a look at this video to see what you and your child can do in Labo Car Designer(3y+) – creative toy app for kids, create & race their own dream cars, trucks and other funny vehicles.


Labo Car Designer(3y+) – creative toy app for kids, create & race their own dream cars, trucks and other funny vehicles – Labo Lado Inc.

Labo Car Designer(3+) Labo Car Designer(3+) by Labo Lado Inc.
Category: Games, Educational, Education, Simulation
Requirements: Compatible with iPadFourthGen4G, iPad 2 3G, iPadMini, iPad 2 WiFI, iPadThirdGen, iPadMini4G, iPadFourthGen, iPadThirdGen4G
Size: 33.57 MB


Labo Car Designer(4y+) – Labo Lado Inc.

Labo Car Designer(4y+) Labo Car Designer(4y+) by Labo Lado Inc.
Category: Education, Educational, Games, Simulation
Requirements: Compatible with iPad 2 WiFI, iPadThirdGen, iPad WiFi, iPad 3G, iPadThirdGen4G, iPadMini, iPadFourthGen4G, iPadFourthGen, iPad 2 3G, iPadMini4G
Size: 95.91 MB




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