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Images which you can pan out to find surprises.

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Mini games within the story.


Lovely story for the younger children with a positive message – vegetables are delicious and that even the Glutton Dragon loves them.

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Senda is a girl who loves to listen to all the magical stories that her teacher shares in her preschool. Today, the children are told the story of the Glutton Dragon and Senda immediately imagines herself to be in a faraway kingdom where the Prince, the Princess and the Glutton Dragon lived.

The Glutton Dragon loved to eat candy. One day, he mistook the Princess as candy and brought her back to his cave to eat. The Prince and Senda promised the King and Queen that they would rescue the Princess and they promptly set off to the Dragon’s castle. Face to face with the Dragon, the Prince offered to cook a delicious meal out of vegetables for the Dragon in return for the Princess’ freedom. The Dragon liked it so much that he now eats all kinds of food (and parents reading together with their kids are silently praying that the kids will follow suit).


Clearly, this 15-page simple story about a sweet-toothed Dragon who learns to appreciate eating a variety of food after tasting a delicious meal of vegetables, has been designed for younger children. It is short and sweet, with beautiful illustrations, delightful music, appealing characters, simple text and prompts for the interactive spots. Judging from how my youngest reacted to the story, I think your kids will like to feed the Glutton Dragon and hear it chomping on all the carrots, broccoli, onion, potatoes and tomatoes as well. With the story ending with Senda’s bedtime, this app makes a good read at bedtime too.


Features-wise, there is read-along text highlighting, narration that can be turned off, autoplay mode, 6 language options, easily accessible page menu and settings. What I found interesting was the ability to pan the pages sideways to see more of the image (with more interactive spots) or move the screen up and down to see the landscape from a different angle, creating a 3-D effect. Make sure you help your child find the Glutton Dragon hidden in Senda’s closet on the last page!




On the whole, this is a lovely story for toddlers and preschoolers who enjoy a short imaginative tale just like Senda. If you are looking for a story that sends a positive message about eating healthily, this app would make a good choice.





Senda and the Glutton Dragon – SOYO Interactive

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Grace was working in the fields of early childhood education and staff training before quitting to attend to her 4 children full time. She and her family live in Singapore, which is well known for her highly competitive education system.

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