What we love…

excellent reading app, huge word list, highly customizable.

What we’d love to see…

ability to individually save settings for each child, option to input own words.


Blending Sounds Pro does a fantastic job of helping children become independent readers by teaching phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics through the use of a fun matching game. It is a must have app for parents, teachers, and therapists.

Our Rating

If you have a child who is learning how to read or if you work with children who are struggling readers, then Blending Sounds Pro by ReadingDoctor is an app you definitely want to get your hands on. Blending Sounds Pro was developed by Dr. Bartek Rajkowski, PhD, a speech language pathologist who specializes in reading difficulties. It teaches letter and sound association, a tried and true technique that I have used with my own kids. When children recognize letter-sound relationships and learn that words are formed by blending sounds together (synthetic phonics), they gain the skill to decode and read new and longer words.

Phonemic awareness and blending are taught in Blending Sounds Pro by playing a game in which children must identify the picture tile that corresponds to the word given. By default, the first time a word is given, individual letters are sounded out, the word is read, and the word is used In a sentence. As the letters are sounded out, videos modeling oral motor movements play simultaneously on the bottom right of the screen.

Each picture tile includes five circles that serve as scoring markers. A circle is shaded every time a tile is chosen correctly. If a tile is not picked when its corresponding word is given or if the timer runs out before it is picked, the score resets to 0 (no shaded circles) on that tile as well as on the tile that was picked in lieu of the correct tile. A life is is lost with every incorrect answer. Once all five circles on a tile is shaded, that tile is removed from the game. The game ends when lives are exhausted or when all tiles have been cleared.

The main menu has many options you can use to customize your child’s experience. You can choose whether or not to start with mnemonics, chose the number of tiles to use (up to 15 max), choose when to start and end scoring, and choose a vocabulary list. You can also choose which word types you want your child to work on: CVC, CCVC, CVCC, and a combination of CCVC and CVCC words, where C stands for consonants and V for vowels. Choosing one of these four options generates random words with that pattern. You can also use a customized word list where you choose both the word type and the specific letter/sound targets. For example, you can generate a word list that contains only words with a CCVC pattern that have the initials ST, or a word list that contains only words with a CVC pattern and the vowel A. You can save your customized word list so it is readily available next time you want to use it.

In addition to the options in the main menu, there is also a settings menu where you can further customize the game. You can choose whether or not to use encouragements, rewards, and high scores. You can determine if a life is lost after one, two, or three errors, or not at all. You can set the volume level for the app. You can choose whether to have the /y/ and the /w/ sounds articulated traditionally or in the currently recommended way. The settings menu also includes a direct link to ReadingDoctor website. The only way to prevent a child from accessing this link is to turn on the password requirement feature which prevents the children from exiting a game (not the app) without parent/teacher approval or supervision. However, the password feature is not enabled until a game is started, so there is still a chance that children can access the direct web link if they open the app unsupervised.

There are a few things I would like to see in future updates. First, I would like to be able to save main menu options and settings menu options for each child. Resetting these options every time a different child plays or after every game can be time consuming, specially if you work with several children. While being able to pick a customized word list is a fantastic feature, I would also like the ability to add my own words without any word pattern constraints so that children who have mastered four letter words can begin working on longer words.

My children and I love Blending Sounds Pro. It is an excellent reading and speech app. I tried this out with my son who has articulation disorders and this app really encouraged him to focus on sounding out individual letters and blends. It is a must have app, and I highly recommend it to parents who want to teach their young child how to read and to teachers and therapists who work with struggling readers and/or children with speech disorders.


Blending Sounds 1 Pro : Easily teach students to read first words with phonics – ReadingDoctor Pty Ltd

Blending Sounds 1 : Phonics Words for Beginners Blending Sounds 1 : Phonics Words for Beginners by Reading Doctor Pty Ltd
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