What we love…

Tasks that require problem-solving skills.

What we’d love to see…

Allow players to visit the characters and complete the tasks in any order. More emphasis on the cultural uniqueness of each character.


This Halloween-theme game app features 11 different problems for preschoolers to solve while introducing kids to multiculturalism with its 11 interesting characters.

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CountDracu1 by Denny Kurien is a preschool game app which aims to introduce kids to multiculturalism while they have fun solving problems. The concept is interesting and there are lots to do in this app.

The game takes place in Count Dracu’s house where players get to explore 11 scenes in sequence and meet his 11 multicultural friends. In each scene, Dracu will introduce a friend and give a clue to what item the friend is missing. The objective of the game is for players to find the missing item and give it to the character. Complete the mission and the next friend will be unlocked. The game will end when all the 11 items have been found and given to the respective characters.


Kids can tap on the text display button to see what Dracu has said as often as they want to find out what is the task that they need to complete. Here you can highlight the rhyming words found in Dracu’s introduction. They can also tap on the character to hear and see the item that he needs. However, there is no text readily available if kids want to read what the character has said.

The items are not always easy to find, which adds to the fun. Players may need to perform other tasks in order to get the items asked. For an example, you need to break a vase to retrieve a key to open a door in order to get the books asked by Ghoul-Lee. Some problem-solving skills is needed here and a few challenging problems may even need a little help from you.

Besides solving the puzzle presented by each character, players can tap on various things to see some fun animations and collect a medallion from each scene to earn a chance to win a prize at the end of the game. To get each medallion, players need to double tap on Dracu to turn him into his bat form and direct him to collect the medallion.

Each of Dracu’s 11 friends represent a culture (e.g. Frankie the Jewish Frankenstein, Raggy the Egyptian mummy, Howie the Ukrainian werewolf, Yetinder the Indian yeti) but this is not very clear to young players, which is a pity. It will be a great learning opportunity for kids if the unique traits of each character can be highlighted somehow, unless there are adults on hand to draw attention to the subtle differences between the characters, e.g. the accent.

Characters are unlocked one at a time in sequence. You can’t advance to the next scene or character unless you have solved the current puzzle, and you can’t move back to the previous scenes either. For younger children, it may be better to offer a map of Dracu’s house and allow players to choose which scene or character they want to unlock. It’s less frustrating if kids can unlock them separately and not get stuck somewhere.

Overall, CountDracu1 is a game app worth checking out for the fun challenges it offers preschoolers and the exposure to different cultures. With some adjustments, the educational value can be further enhanced and the replay value increased.


CountDracu1 – Denny Kurien

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