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An adorable pop-up storybook featuring Elmo and friends with fun interactive elements. Our favorite features are the fun interactions that only work after the narration is finished, Elmo as the narrator, the 3-D effect and the sweet and simple message.  Elmo Loves You is sure to be a hit with all young Sesame Street fans.

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Elmo loves youAdorable Elmo and his Sesame Street pals are the stars in the latest pop -up storybook app from Story Toys. The app is presented as a pop-up book that the child can explore, with interactive elements and sound effects on each of  the 15 pages. The reader can choose to “Read with Elmo” and have Elmo narrate the book with word highlighting as he reads, or they can choose to “Read by Myself”. The background music can be switched off and a page navigation guide lets children quickly revisit favorite scenes.

2014-Dec-08 21.06.09Lots of familiar Sesame Street characters appear as Elmo explains that everyone has something they love. On each page Elmo gives examples e.g. birds love to make music, babies love to make noise and kids love toys. There are lots of fun interactions to find, including helping Sesame Street Characters to do things such as Bert feeding the pigeons, Ernie playing the drums, and the Count counting flower petals. Elmo himself appears in many scenes to say “Elmo loves you”. My favorite interaction is the the library when Elmo pops up to say “Elmo loves you, but Elmo must be a quiet monster in the library”. In the final scene Elmo asks the child for a kiss – you’ll have to read the story to find out what happens when they give him one!

Elmo loves you

The app has a parent’s center behind a parental lock and you need to be able to read and follow directions to access it, it contains  Social Media links and allows the parent to switch off appstore links and messages. The parent’s center also has reading tips with links to Sesame Street videos on YouTube that can be used in conjunction with the book.

This is a sweet, simple storybook and children will love hearing Elmo narrate the story. The app teaches children that everyone has different things that they enjoy, and sends them a message that they are loved. The interactive elements are fun and add to the story and I appreciate the fact that they don’t work until after the narration is finished on each page.  An adorable pop-up storybook featuring Elmo and friends with fun interactive elements, Elmo Loves You is sure to be a hit with all young Sesame Street fans.

Elmo Loves You! – StoryToys Entertainment Limited

Elmo Loves You! Elmo Loves You! by StoryToys Entertainment Limited

Price: $2.99 USD

This is a storybook and early-learning reading app, which will help teach your child about love and friendship as you enjoy storytime together.

** Winner of The Appy Awards Best Book App **

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