Adorable stuffed toys that are soft and cuddly, and act as a speaker for any iOS or Android device, also act as speakerphone


Phone calls can occasionally be a little muffled at callers end


Overall, this is a really fun toy- my kids love their BlueBee Pals and they are a great way to engage children in listening to storybook apps or to encourage them to talk on the phone to far away relatives.

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BlueBee Pals are totally adorable stuffed toys that connect to your iPad, iPhone or other device via Bluetooth. They act as a speaker for the music or app playing on your device and can also be used as a speakerphone for your iPhone or other SmartPhone. The animal’s mouth even moves in time to what is being said/ sung to give the illusion that the animal is actually talking!

There are 5 different animals to choose from- Leo the Lion, Lily the Lamb, Riley the Zebra, Sammy the Bear and Winston the Puppy.

My kids were really excited to check out the BlueBee Pals, my 7 y.o. twins totally loved them. We tested Sammy Bear and Leo Lion. I was impressed by how soft and cuddly they were, although you can feel the speaker in the tummy, they are padded enough that they still feel nice to cuddle and their fur is super soft (especially Sammy’s). They are big stuffed toys- approximately 13″ tall and my kids really like cuddling them at story time.  The BlueBee Pals come with a nice, long sturdy charging cable which means you don’t need to have them right on top of your charger when charging.

They are very simple to pair to your Bluetooth device- I tested them with my iPhone 5 and a couple of different iPad models.  There is velcro holding the animals back closed, you open this to access the speaker, it has an on/off slider switch and a mini-USB charging port.  Once the BlueBee Pal is on, switch on Bluetooth on your device, and press his right ear (which is embroidered with “connect”) and he will connect to your device. It is really fun to have your BlueBee Pal read a story to your child and it works with any  iPad storybook app. The first book I had Leo read to my son was Snoopy’s All Star Football and he was really excited to hear all the Peanuts characters voices coming from Leo’s mouth. I did notice some noise from the mechanics of the mouth moving, but none of my children seemed to notice it at all. You can also use the BlueBee Pal to listen to music or watch a video- basically the mouth will move in time to any sounds, and it acts as a speaker for whatever is playing on the iPad or iPhone.


If you connect your SmartPhone to your BlueBee Pal  you can also use it to answer calls. When the phone rings you will hear it ringing through the Pal’s speaker and pressing his left ear (marked “phone”) will let you answer the call. This is a really fun way for a far away grandparent, or a parent who has to work late, to connect with a young child. Both of my twins thought it was really fun to talk to me via Leo or Sammy – I did find that sometimes the call was a bit muffled on my end, but most of the time it was quite understandable and it seemed quite clear at the child’s end.

Overall, this is a really fun toy- my kids love their BlueBee Pals. They are a great way to engage children in listening to storybook apps or to encourage them to talk on the phone to far away relatives.

BlueBee Pals are available online from the BlueBee Pals website and from Toys R Us, Walmart and other retailers RRP $64.99


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