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TheasaurusTheasaurus has 3 levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each level has 3 rounds of play, and each round contains 20 words. Players start with the Easy level. If players earn enough points after finishing all 3 rounds, the next level is unlocked. Theasaurus is the first app by Yana Elkassova and Dale Markey of Elk & Key.  You can read about how they came up with the idea for the app in our developer interview. It is a simple game in which players must correctly choose, from four possible options, the synonym of a given word.


There are several things I like about this app. I like that it is very simple and easy to play. I like that the part of speech (noun, verb, or adjective) is included for each word. The “how to play” option also contains a short description or lesson about nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Knowing a word’s part of speech can be helpful in choosing its correct synonym.

iPhone Screenshot 5I like that it has a glossary, or rather, 3 glossaries, one for each level of play. However, the glossaries only include the main words. They do not include any of the words in the synonym choices. I would like to see all the words in the app, including the synonym choices, to be included in the glossary.

Another thing I would like to see in a future update is way to see the correct answer when an incorrect one is chosen. It would be great if instead of simply moving on to the next question, the correct answer is shown along with the definitions for each of the word choices. When the player finishes reading the correct answer and definitions, they can then click on a button to continue to the next question. I feel like players are missing out on a learning opportunity when the correct answer and the definitions are not revealed.

I would also suggest including a way to set the number of questions per round and maybe a reward system for younger players. Sitting through three rounds of 20 questions requires a long attention span and most young children simply do not have that. My daughter, who is 8, enjoys this game and could truly benefit from it, but after a few words she begins to lose interest. A reward system would also encourage young children to come back and play the game even after all levels have been unlocked. That said, this game was perfect for my older children, ages 10 and 13, who have longer attention spans and who do not need any reward system to motivate them to play again.

I too enjoyed Theasaurus very much. It is an excellent app for building vocabulary that is necessary for creative writing. I recommend it to parents and teachers, and I definitely look forward to more apps from Elk & Key.
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