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What we love…

The app lets you create your own version of the story by letting you interact via touch points, bilingual storybook.

What we’d love to see…

A few hints showing where the touch points are in the story, a “Next button” instead of swiping to turn pages and word highlighting as it is read.


This app has great graphics, voices and the interactive aspect of the storybook makes it a fun storybook app to read and play with.

Our Rating

A Shark Knocked On the Door - An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids

A Shark Knocked On The Door by Mighty Yeti is an interactive storybook app in both English and Spanish. It is designed for both iPhone and iPad for kids aged 5 and under. Mighty Yeti is a Half Moon Bay, California – based animation studio dedicated to telling stories in exciting new ways. Mighty Yeti have released another storybook called ‘Mr. Cupcake has the Sprinkles’, which we recently reviewed, and are currently working on two more.


This storybook app is a fun and ‘hands-on’ reading adventure of a boy and his grandmother who decide to make a boat and float it down the gutter one rainy evening. After the boat is lost down the drain, the little boy and his grandmother go home and minutes later find a shark knocking on their front door, and then the fun really begins!


The app can either read the story in English or Spanish or if the reader prefers, they can choose to read it to themselves with the text available in either language. The beauty about this app is that it has over 100+ reader touch elements throughout the storybook which make the story a ‘hands-on’ and fun experience.

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We liked that we can interact with the app and animate characters and objects to involve us with the story. It is a fun and quirky story that little ones will find amusing. The app has great graphics and sound and we like how the little boy tells the story with rhymes. My daughter loves looking for elements to click on the page and parts that make funny sounds. Her favourite part of the story takes place under the sea where she can touch whales, seals and fish and hear the noises they make. She also finds the shark’s voice amusing.

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We would like to see a few ‘hints’ on each page of the storybook to help little ones find the touch points as well as a ‘Next’ button at the bottom of each page as we find it makes it easier for little ones to touch buttons rather than swipe pages. We would also like to see word highlighting as it is read.


The app has a page navigation menu you can select while reading the story which lets you select or skip pages. It also allows you to go back to the main menu. The app has a settings page where you can change the language spoken to English or Spanish as well as a help and credits page. It also has a ‘More from Mighty Yeti’ page where other titles are mentioned (without the in-app purchase option). There are no in-app purchases or third party ads in this unlocked app which makes it a safe app for little ones to use.


Overall we liked this quirky animated storybook and would recommend it. My little one really enjoys this ‘hands on’ app as it incorporates two things she loves: reading and playing!



iTunes link: A Shark Knocked On the Door – An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids – Mighty Yeti Studios

A Shark Knocked On the Door - An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids A Shark Knocked On the Door - An Interactive Animated Storybook App For Kids by Mighty Yeti Studios

Price: $2.99 USD


** Experience the fun adventure of a young boy and his grandmother in this exciting and heartfelt interactive rhyming book app!

** Discover over 100+ interactive touch points.


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