For #BHSM 2015 we have 3 copies of this great articulation app to give away. We reviewed it in 2012 and you can read our review below:
Reviewed by Grace and Mary

Articulation Station Pro by Little Bee Speech is a very comprehensive articulation app that provides multiple opportunities for your child to pronounce and practice all the 22 speech sounds in the English language.  It is the first and only articulation app offering practice at the word, sentence and story levels.

You can start to work at any level in the app according to your child’s ability and needs. Regardless where you start, you always begin by choosing the sound that you want to practice before choosing to work at the word, sentence or story level.  Then you choose the activity and finally the sound position (or a combination of positions) you want to practice the target sound.

There are 2 activities in each of the 3 levels.  At the word level, you can choose to practice with flashcards or a matching game.  Tap the flashcard and you will hear the word being read aloud. Not just the words on the flashcards, this app will read all the words and sentences in this app giving your child a consistent audio model to imitate.  Then there is the essential recording option, which you can use throughout the app to record and playback the sounds, words or sentences that your child produces.  This presents the perfect opportunity for your child to listen and evaluate his/her own pronunciation.


Even though there are 20 flashcards included for each sound position, I find that there is room for a lot more words and other types of words to be added (there are only nouns right now). Furthermore, the words should be arranged in increasing number of syllables and difficulty to pronounce with an option to shuffle the cards.  But if you ask me what is the ultimate wish I have, it would be the ability to customize – adding (a few of) my own words with audio prompts and the accompanying pictures.  I think the ability to add and edit the list of words is a feature all parents (educators and SLPs) will welcome.

For reinforcement, the same flashcards are used in the matching game. As a card is turned, you can ask your child to say the word on the card and get more repetitions done.  Kids stay engaged in the session for a longer period of time because they think that this is just a reward bonus game.  It would be great if there are different levels of difficulty where we can choose the number of cards in a set (right now, it is always 16 cards) so that children of different abilities are able to play and progress through the different levels of the game.

iPad Screenshot 2At the sentence level, you can start with the ingenious rotating sentences where a carrier sentence is repeated with a different target word in the sentence (usually in the middle).  Having the sentence stay the same allows the child to memorize the sentence and practice it with greater fluency.  Besides the target word, each of these sentences has additional words with the target sound in it (e.g. Erik read about the target word in the book).  The words are appropriate for the beginner reader and the nouns are accompanied by picture prompts (used in the flashcards), encouraging the child to learn to read the words at the same time.

What is fun about the rotating sentences is that a spinner generates the target word and you can see the pictures of the words spinning on a reel like a fruit machine. This spinner is such a hit with my son that he is very motivated to do the articulation exercises.  I wish that there was more than one rotating sentence for each sound position.

The unique sentences, on the other hand, are targeted at the older child who can read. There are 20 different sentences for each sound position.  Like the rotating sentences, the unique sentences have at least 3 words with the target sound in them.  While we really like that the rotating and unique sentences give many more opportunities for practicing the target sound through multiple target words, we feel that we need easier and shorter phrases/sentences as well for a smoother transition from the word level to the sentence level.  In this way, the child can begin with a single target word placed either at the beginning or end of the phrase, then progressing to longer sentences still with a single target word (placed anywhere in the sentence) and finally moving onto the current longer form.

iPad Screenshot 4When a sound has been mastered in sentences, the child can proceed to practice the sound at the story level.  Level 1 Story (with its picture prompts) is for the non-readers while the longer Level 2 Story (with a larger vocabulary) is designed for readers.  There are 3 comprehension questions at the end of every story, providing even more opportunities to practice the target sound as the answers always include the target words.   Stories and comprehension questions are currently not found in other articulation apps.

As parents, we really like how easy it is to navigate and use the app.  We also appreciate its other features like: –
* useful information on how to use the activities in the app and tips to help us elicit each sound from our children
data tracking enabling us to monitor our children’s progress right down to the specific words
* ability to do multiple scoring for repeated pronunciation of the same target word
* ability to add notes to the overall data collected at the end of a session and email/print out for our kids’ SLPs to follow up
* ability to practice multiple sounds using shuffled flashcards at the word level.

iPad Screenshot 5

It is also good to know that parents have the option of downloading the free Articulation Station (includes the /p/ sound program) and purchasing only the sound programs that they need instead of buying the Pro version.

Overall, this is an engaging app that has everything you need in an articulation app and it is definitely one of the best available.  We are pleased to know that the developer has plans to add more features to make it an even better app for parents and I do hope that they will add more content, greater customization, easier options and perhaps consider a more attractive price (afternote : the developer has made a permanent price drop for this app so that more families can benefit from it). Watch the overall tutorial video to know more.

Articulation Station Pro has  been updated to include:-
• Ability to choose specific words within the word and sentence level activities and SAVE your word lists!
• Addition of /sn/ /sm/ /pr/ blends
• Blends in the initial /g/ and /f/ removed and replaced
• Session details are shown when emailing multiple session data
• Time stamp added to saved sessions and emailed session data


Articulation Station – Little Bee Speech

Articulation Station Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech

Price: $FREE

"I knew I had a winner when I used Articulation Station with my kids, the parents saw how much fun it was, and bought it immediately for home practice!" -Sherry Artemenko, SLP

Download the best.

Articulation Station Pro – Little Bee Speech

Articulation Station Pro Articulation Station Pro by Little Bee Speech

Price: $59.99 USD

"Little Bee Speech has created a real gem. Articulation Station Pro is by far the best articulation app out there. It's a must have app in the SLP toolbox!" -Renena Joy, SLP

Learn how to pronounce.


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