Listen Hear 1 and Listen Hear 2 by Freida van Staden, are designed to enhance the listening skills of children aged 4 years and above. These apps focus on the ability to listen to the difference between sounds and can be used to enhance auditory attention span, focused listening, speech sound development, vocabulary, language and literacy.

What we love…

The ‘fun’ games ‘Find Me’, ‘Follow Me’ in Listen Hear 1 and ‘Tap Dance’, ‘Pairs’ in Listen Hear 2.

What we’d love to see…

Minor menu and smileys improvements.


The apps are easy to use and very useful for improving children’s listening skills. Some of the games are especially great for fostering thinking skills.

Our Rating

Listen Hear 1 focuses on listening and attention through the use of 6 exercises and 2 games. The 6 listening exercises cover Short & Long Vowels, Tricky Consonants, Speech Sounds, S Blends and the Alphabet. Kids learn to associate the sounds with these letter symbols as they tap the pictures or letters of the target sounds and this reinforces their reading skills.

To do the listening exercises, you can choose to work with sounds or words – left smiley for sounds and right smiley for words. Then a series of sound/word prompts will be given and kids have to decide which of the target sounds each prompt belongs to. When the correct target sound box is chosen, the sound/word will appear in the box.

In the ‘Find Me’ game, the child needs to listen to one, two, three or four words/sounds at a time and find all the associated pictures/words. Sounds to be identified include those made by an object/animal/natural phenomenon, spoken name of an object/number/shape and letter sounds.

In ‘Follow Me’ game, the child needs to listen and remember a sequence of items, then repeat it by tapping the items in the correct order. This is a great game for improving listening and memory skills.

Listen Hear 2 is an extension of Listen Hear 1 and includes listening to sentences and matching sounds. The listening exercises cover Steps (s and l blends) and Word Families and they are played the same way as those in Listen Hear 1.

For the kids, the games in Listen Hear 2 are probably the highlights in this app. All the 5 games – ‘Tap Dance’, ‘What am I?’, ‘Pairs’, ‘Where are they?’ and ‘Rhyme’ are fun to play even as they work on letter sounds, rhymes and the function/feature/sound of various items and more.

‘Tap Dance’ lets you choose words that begin with each letter of the alphabet; ‘What am I’ gives you a clue and you need to identify the correct picture (e.g. You can use me when it rains – umbrella); ‘Pairs’ is a sound matching game with different types of sounds (e.g. letter sounds, words, musical instrument, sound effects) to match; ‘Where are they?’ asks you to select a setting that corresponds to a place described (e.g. James has a sore tooth – dentist) and finally ‘Rhyme’ is a matching card game which asks you to find pairs of rhyming words. These games are great for encouraging thinking skills and the reinforcement of the correct answers at the end of the games is another strength of the apps.

These apps have been designed with simple graphics that are perfect for the useful exercises. The two apps would definitely be very beneficial for any child learning to listen, read and write. They are very easy to use so both children and adults can feel at ease throughout the app and its exercises. We specifically like the ‘fun’ games such as ‘Find Me’ and ‘Follow Me’ in Listen Hear 1 as well as ‘Tap Dance’ and ‘Pairs’ in Listen Hear 2.

We would love to see an improvement on the Help screens provided. Although the apps are quite simple in concept, only certain exercises have help options, not all. Additionally, the left and right smileys used in some of the exercises should have text on them reinforcing what they are used for. The other smileys used in the app should probably have a sound associated with them to explain whether the exercise has been completed successfully or not.

Overall, we believe Listen Hear 1 and Listen Hear 2 are very useful apps for children to improve their listening skills and we would definitely recommend them. The exercises and games make the learning a fun and enjoyable experience.

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Normally $8.99 each, Listen Hear 1 and 2 are now on sale at $3.99 each until May 23rd.

Listen Hear 1
Free lite version –

Listen Hear 1 Listen Hear 1 by Freida van Staden

Price: $FREE

Developing quality listening skills at an early age is a great advantage for speech sound, language and reading development.
Listen Hear 1 targets focused listening and attention, vital for speaking.

Listen Hear 2

Listen Hear 2 Listen Hear 2 by Freida van Staden

Price: $5.99 USD

Developing quality listening skills at an early age is a great advantage for speech sound, language and reading development.

Listen Hear 2 targets focused listening and attention, vital for speaking.


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