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What we love…

Engaging app with comic graphics and real life photos, different game structures, customization,
clear voice, multiple chances for correct response.
text is large and easy to read.

What we’d love to see…

Ability to record responses, addition of male voice option, ability to switch games without quitting app


Pronouns Heroes is an amazingly engaging app to teach and reinforce 5 different pronoun types and 19 different pronouns. The graphics are appealing and the games engaging.  The app is customizable for different levels of pronoun understanding and usage.  There is  reporting option and is compatible with  the Therapy Reporting Centre.

Our Rating

Pronoun Heroes

Pronoun Heroes is an app developed by Smarty Ears, a long time app developer in the area of speech and language. Founded by Speech Language Pathologist Barbara Fernandes, Smarty Ears has over 50 applications geared towards all areas of speech and language development.

Pronoun Heroes is an amazing app to help learn about 5 different types of pronouns.  The app addresses personal objective, personal subjective, demonstrative, possessive and reflexive.  I didn’t even know many of these when I started to play!

On each page of the game the active user is displayed. The app allows for multiple users and they are displayed on consecutive pages.


The app uses a comic Superheroes theme and has bright, engaging graphics. There are 19 different pronouns included in the 4 different games. There are also two child friendly guides that cover “What are the Pronouns” and “Pronoun Types”.  A Superhero avatar guides you through a these explanations of pronouns.

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Where is the Pronoun?

You can choose to work on words or phrases in this activity.

In words 4 superheroes hold up cards with words on and you need to pick the one that shows a pronoun.

In phrases a phrase is broken into individual words and you need to choose the word that is a pronoun.

Which One is Not a pronoun?

This is similar to the word activity in Where is the Pronoun only this time the student must choose the superhero carrying a card with a word which is not a pronoun.

Find the Picture

The player is presented with a pronoun and 2 pictures, they need to choose which picture best represents the pronoun. This game can be can be customized for individual students choosing which pronouns to work on.

Use a Pronoun.

For this game you need to choose which pronouns the student will work on, you can use pre-set options or set your own. The child is presented with a picture and a phrase describing the picture with a word missing.  The phrase is spoken can be repeated by tapping on the picture. They must fill-in-the blank by dragging and dropping the correct pronoun into the blank space.

There is a cute sounding reward ding and a not so displeasing gong when the wrong answer is chosen.  The customizable games allow for teaching and reinforcing one or more pronouns. This allows for easy advancement through different stages.

Like all Smarty Ears apps, this app is compatible with the Therapy Report Center.  Users can be imported from and saved to the Center. Data collection is relatively easy and does not interfere with the actual game playing.  At the end of the game, the report page is exposed and results easily read.

There is no option to switch between games in a session, you currently have to exit the session and reselect the players to change games, it would be nice to add an option to do so. I would like to see the ability to add photos from a photo library to make the app even more individualized.  A male voice, as an option should be considered. As with all apps, I like the ability to record the child’s responses, in their own voice.  Perhaps this can be added in a future version of the game.

Overall, I really like this app.  I like the comic graphics and the real life photos, it is engaging and keeps students interest. The pronouns taught are more advanced, yet presented in a manner that is appropriate for the younger and older students. The feedback sounds are pleasant, and the “rate” of the game is appealing to the children.  The voice that reads the stimulus is clear and well-articulated, and I like the ability to customize which pronouns are worked on.

I highly recommend this app to SLPs and to parents to enhance carryover of pronouns (receptive and expressive).  I rate this app a 5 in the true tradition of most Smarty Ears apps.

iTunes Link: Pronoun Heroes – Smarty Ears

Pronoun Heroes Pronoun Heroes by Smarty Ears

Price: $19.99 USD

Pronoun Heroes is an engaging way to teach inspiring superheroes the use of pronouns. Created by certified speech-language pathologists and developed by Smarty Ears Apps, Pronoun Heroes teaches and reinforces.


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