For #BHSM 2015 we have 3 copies of So Much 2 Say from Clode 2 Home apps to giveaway. This app was previously reviewed by Jill in 2012- you can read her review below, please note the app has had several updates since this review was written.

Reviewed by Jill

So Much 2 Say - Picture CommunicationSo Much 2 Say by Close 2 Home apps is a versatile tool for basic communication when used by the right learner and communication partner.  It was created expressly for the highly impacted segment of the special needs population. The app is recommended for individuals who are non verbal and lack an effective means to communicate basic needs and wants. Depending on the cognitive capabilities of the learner, it might first be used as a flash card app for vocabulary acquisition. Once familiarity with pictures and objects is established, the app can be set up as a choice board with up to twelve choices. As the learner’s ability to discriminate among the cards increases, category navigation can be enabled thereby transforming the app into a simple Picture Exchange Communication system with voice output.

The power of this app is in the ability to import one’s own images and create categories meaningful and useful for the user. Communication partners that have Velcro picture strips on their refrigerators or avid scrap bookers would be a good fit for the task of making the most of the app. Initial setup could prove daunting for some even though actually making cards is quick and easy. If one’s goal is to download an app and have conversations in complete sentences five minutes later, this is not the app to choose, it is not Proloquo Lite.

The mechanics of the app are solid. The preloaded cards and images are high quality if minimal. It can be used equally well in landscape or portrait mode. Cards can be hidden when not applicable to the exchange at hand. Editing can be password locked to prevent accidental deletions. Recording one’s own voice lends an air of familiarity and makes for a more pleasant output than the robo voices of most AAC apps. My favorite feature is the strong visual feedback. When a card is selected it comes to the forefront and is slightly expanded while other cards are grayed out. Since the app is aimed at more impaired individuals, I do wish that it offered even more accessibility features to expand its target audience.

The developer’s website has some helpful Getting Started tips, as well as You Tube videos demonstrating editing and various other features. I would suggest working with an SLP or teacher if available when creating categories. Another alternative to make the process easier would be to copy categories from the Lite version of a full featured AAC app. The app was recently updated to provide a Drag ‘n Drop card sharing support to enable copying of communication cards from one iPad to another running So Much 2 Say (read about the new updates below).   This is a great addition that will ease set up even further and provide schools and institutional users especially a head start.   Watch this exciting new feature in action in the video below.

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I am a big fan of “off-label” use of apps and So Much 2 Say is a prime candidate for stretching capabilities. Many families like this app’s developers juggle the needs of multiple children with communication challenges. For the dedicated do it yourselfer, So Much 2 Say offers the perfect framework for articulation practice. With a willing SLP providing the appropriate words for each target sound, it’s a simple matter of importing photos and clearly articulating for the voice recording.

This app enjoys very positive word of mouth and is among the better known apps in its category so it is a viable choice for the appropriate beginning communicator and his or her willing partner. I do recommend getting a refrigerator mount such as the one made by Modular if using this or a similar app as having a voice is no good if it’s kept in a backpack or other out of sight location.

So Much 2 Say – Picture Communication – Close 2 Home Apps, LLC

So Much 2 Say - Picture Communication So Much 2 Say - Picture Communication by Close 2 Home Apps, LLC

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"I highly recommend So Much 2 Say for the beginning communicator who needs a cost effective fully flexible and customizable.


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