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What we love…

cute and easy game for little ones

What we’d love to see…

more activities and interactions


cute app for little ones to venture across the high seas. would love to see a bit more to keep it interesting

Our Rating

Sago Mini BoatsThe new Sago Mini Boats app by Sago Sago is a cute and fun game with a nautical theme, which is perfect for children 2 to 5 years old. Sago Mini apps never disappoint, this one is no different!

Little ones get to choose from five boat adventures, pack their suitcase, choose their boat from eleven choices, and set off on their little adventure! On the high seas, they can pickup some treats, meet some interesting characters, go underwater and cruise along until they meet their best friend.

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My three year old loved this app, she was very excited when she first saw it as she loves Sago Mini apps. It is very easy for little hands to use and get around. Options are easy to select and because adventures keep changing every time you go and select one, it’s never a bore.

Her favourite adventures are when she chooses a banana boat or shark boat for Harvey the Dog and sets off to meet his cat friend Jinja, eats lots of ice creams and cupcakes on the way, plays with a pirate fish, gives presents to friends, visits her ice cream vendor friend the octopus, plays with a giant beach ball and dips under water to pick diamonds.

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We would love more activities and interactions along the high seas as some areas are very basic. Another option would be if Harvey the dog played with his best friend after he reaches land.

The app has no in-app purchases or third-party advertising which is great. It does have a parents section which is locked by a swipe. There is however a More Apps section which is also guarded by a swipe.

Overall, we loved this cute easy to use app and would recommend it. It is fun and simple to use and as always with Sago Mini apps the characters and graphics are very well designed and don’t disappoint. A few additions would make this app even better.

iTunes Link: Sago Mini Boats – Sago Sago

Sago Mini Boats Sago Mini Boats by Sago Mini

Price: $3.99 USD

Pack your bags and set sail with Harvey the dog. Pick a destination, select a boat and sail the high seas. Choose a tugboat, a super-fast speed boat or even a pirate ship! “Yarr!” Sail around the .