What we love…

the beautiful watercolour artwork throughout the app

What we’d love to see…

the option of having the story be read out to the reader (narration)


beautiful illustrations, puzzles and interactive parts throughout the story and comes in five different languages

Our Rating

Boy and the Seagull

Boy and the Seagull is a charming story of a boy and his friend the Seagull. This app is great for children under 5 and easy for little hands to use.

The story begins in a beautiful coastal town where a Seagull and his seagull friends live. One day, the Seagull saw a small boy looking at him through a window and so it flew down to the boy. Their friendship grew stronger from that day onwards. One morning, the Seagull visited the boy and told him he was leaving for Seagull Island. Because the boy could not fly with him, the Seagull told the boy to use his mind in order to imagine the journey to the island. Through a series of fascinating encounters the small boy meets underwater friends on his quest to the island.

This story is filled with beautiful watercolour artwork, simple sound effects that bring the story to life and a peaceful background music. Little ones can interact with flying seagulls, running clouds, crawling seashells, swimming fish, a jumping whale, colourful boats, move a boat along the ocean, walk on a giant octopus, fly a stingray or change the day to night. The story also comes with seven simple puzzles that little ones will enjoy and will help them to engage them into the story.

The app is available in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Ukrainian, which is an added bonus. Being bilingual in both English and French, I try to read to my daughter in both languages and this story is a perfect way for her to listen to the same story in two different languages. This app does not come with in-app purchases or ads which brings piece of mind especially when reading with young children.

The only thing that would make this app perfect is if the story was read out as the text is shown on screen.

Overall, we love this beautiful and calming story which is ideal for a bedtime story or some quiet story time.

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