What we love…

The ability to not only watch my pets when I’m way from home but also interact with them to “see, speak, snap & treat”

What we’d love to see…

Longer power cord,  separate containers for dog and cat treats.


The Petzi Treat Cam is a great pet cam, not only does it let you keep an eye on your pet when you are out of the house but also lets you interact with them too. The Petzi app also acts as a Social Media site for pet lovers allowing easy sharing of cute pet pics.

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The Petzi Treat Cam is a newly launched product for pet owners, it is different from a regular Pet Cam, as not only does it let you watch your pets, but it lets you interact with them too. Petzi’s tagline is it lets you “see, speak, snap & treat”. I love my dog Howie  & cat Buddy, so I was happy to get the opportunity to test it out with them.

To use the Petzi you need to first download the free app and create a free account – you create your own username and profile with linked profiles for each of your pets.

Set Up

Set up of the Petzi is pretty straightforward. You can put it on a table or other flat surface or wall mount it, then you plug it in to a power outlet and wait until the red light comes on to indicate the camera is on. The front cover comes off and you can add pet treats to the reservoir inside. If you have small hands you may need some help with this, my hand was only just big enough to press the tabs on both sides at once.

In the Petzi app you click on the list symbol to the left of the screen and select Petzi Treat Cam. From there you can “add a new camera” and you can personalize the Petzi’s name. To add the camera first you connect to the Petzi cam WiFi, then enter your own WiFi network’s password to connect. Once it is connected you just select this Petzi cam from the list, or from the camera button on the home page of the app. My one complaint about the set up is the power cable is a little short, with the camera on an end table right beside a power outlet (at ground level) it only just reached, any further way and I would have needed an extension cable.

N.B. The first time I tried to set up my Petzi I had a lot of trouble connecting, but it turned out to be due to my iPhone storage being full which was preventing the Petzi app from working correctly. Once I cleared some storage it was very fast and easy to connect, so if you have any issues I recommend checking your iPhone storage.

In Action

I tested out the Petzi with Howie the Labrador and Buddy cat when I was in a different room of the house, when I went out for few hours, and when I was away for a weekend and Buddy was home alone.

When the Petzi is not in use it is in a sleeping mode, once you connected to it via your phone it makes a chime sound that alerts your pet that the camera is active. Howie very quickly learnt that when he hears that sound it it worth going to the camera as he may get a treat !

See: I found once I connected via my phone it typically look about 30 seconds to fully connect so I could view the video stream. The picture quality is good enough to clearly see your pets and their reactions, but is not super sharp.

Snap: If you catch a good view of your pet you can press the camera button within the app to take a picture of it. You can save it to your camera roll or share via the Petzi app. This is a picture taken with the Petzi, it has been cropped to focus on Howie, but gives an idea of the image quality.


Speak: To “speak” you press the microphone button and when you release the audio plays back through the Petzi a few seconds later. This got Howie really excited when he heard my voice through the camera. It comes through pretty loudly- which helps to summon pets if they are in a different room, and you can adjust the volume from within the app.

Treat: If you press the treat button (represented by a bone) in the app treats drop down behind a door in the Treat Cam then are launched across the room by a spring loaded barrier. The treat cam does make a mechanical whirring noise as it is preparing to deliver the treats which the animals learn to recognize. This really got Howie excited! He quickly learnt to come running when he heard my voice and the treat preparing, Buddy took a little longer to catch on. The treat dispenser is designed for treats less than 1″, I tested it with Meow Mix  Crunchy Irresistibles, Milk Bone Minis and dry cat kibble.

The Petzi says it delivers 1-3 treats at a time and we found for the Milk Bone Minis this was true. With smaller treats more came out each time, for the Meow Mix probably about 6-8 and the cat kibble even more. The animals had great fun searching around the room to find the treats. I would probably use regular treats in it most of the time, but if I was away for a weekend I would put some of Buddy’s dry kibble in the Petzi. This would keep him active hunting for the kibble and also let me give him some extra food if I saw he had eaten all the food in his bowl.

One additional feature I would love to see in a future version of the Petzi is separate dog and cat treat reservoirs, this would be great for households like my own who have both dogs and cats. When checking in you could see which pet was nearby and give the appropriate treat instead of having to alternate which type of treat to fill the reservoir with.

My kids helped with testing the Petzi and they loved being able to talk to Howie and Buddy when we were away from home. They really loved being able to give them treats and thought it was hilarious watching them hunt around the living room to find the treats.

Petzi Social App

The Petzi app  is also a social media app for pet lovers. It gives pet owners a easy way to share their favorite pet photos, both from their Petzi Cam and from their phone’s camera roll.  You can easily ‘Awww’ (like) or comment on others shared photos and follow your favorites too.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Overall, the Petzi Treat Cam is a great pet cam, not only does it let you keep an eye on your pet when you are out of the house but also lets you interact with them too. The Petzi app also acts as a Social Media site for pet lovers allowing easy sharing of cute pet pics.

As well as being a fun way to interact with your pets this could also be a great help in preventing behavior problems in pets left alone. Popping in via the Petzi frequently to talk to them and get them hunting for treats could help alleviate boredom and prevent destructive behaviors.


Available from Amazon and other retailers, RRP $169.99

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