When traveling by car I often use my cellphone as a GPS navigation system, and to do that I need it securely mounted where I can see it without taking my eyes off the road. The Universal Car Mount from Kensington is a great solution for this, and is really flexible, working with different vehicles and phones. This makes it a great accessory to take when traveling as you never know exactly what model rental car you will get.

It mounts in 2 ways- either via a 12 inch long flexible arm attached to a powerful suction cup, or via a vent clip.  The suction cup adheres really firmly to the windscreen, with a lever that adds extra suction, and a tab to pull when you need to release it. The arm is strong but can be gently bent to adjust the angle to work with different windscreen angles. It some states it is illegal to use a windshield mount, so it also includes a vent mount as an alternative. The vent mount is like a short cone with 4 slightly flexible petals, and I found it attached easily to my car’s heat/ air vent. The mount works in both portrait and landscape mode.


I love that it is really easy to adjust to fit different size phones, so my husband and I can use it interchangeably even though we have different model phones. It fits my iPhone 5 and my husbands iPhone 6 fine, and will even fit an iPhone6+! It will work with or without a phone case. Adjustment is really easy, you just touch a button to release the phone, this opens it fully and when you put a new phone in just squeeze the fits and it automatically adjusts to the correct size. It has a soft foam lining that grips the phone securely and releasing the phone just takes a simple touch of a button.

I highly recommend the Universal Car Mount from Kensington as a very simple, easy to use, secure, flexible smartphone mount that will fit a variety of  vehicles and a large range of Smartphone sizes. Available from Kensington.com , Amazon or other retailers for RRP US $29.99.


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