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What we love…

Pictures and character voices from movie bring the story to life, positive storyline, word highlighting as it is read, coloring pages

What we’d love to see…

interactive elements


A fun storybook app for Halloween, it will be enjoyed both by kids who have seen the movie and those who haven’t. The story has a very positive message – learning to love someone for who they are and accepting their differences.

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Hotel Transylvania 2 Official Storybook App Just in time for Halloween Drac is back in a new movie adventure – Hotel Transylvania 2 and Cupcake Digital have released the official movie storybook app. The book app features movie stills and the original character voices from the movie and includes a bonus- coloring pages featuring characters from the movie. Sound effects, background music and narration volume can all be individually controlled and words are highlighted as the story is read.


Seven years have gone by since the first movie ended and a lot has happened.  Hotel Transylvania is open to human guests. Mavis the Vampire and Johnny the human got married and have a son called Dennis, or Denisovich to the vampire side of the family! Dennis is growing up happily surrounded by family and friends both human and monster.

Dennis’ Vampa Drac is secretly worried that Dennis is not showing signs of being a vampire. At the hotel Monsters and humans mix happily and Dennis loves his monster friends but Mavis worries it is too rough a place for him and dreams of moving to California. Drac sends Mavis and Johnny on a trip to California and conspires with his monster friends to bring out Dennis’ true vampire. things get complicated when Vlad, Drac’s human-hating dad appears on the scene.


As the app has original pictures from the movie they are very bright, colorful and detailed. The narration is well-done and includes character voices from the movie, adding to its authenticity. It does not have any animations or interactive elements, which would be a nice addition.

The app also includes 6 coloring pages featuring characters from the story. There are a good range of colors to choose from with 4 different coloring tools each in 3 pen widths, plus fill-in coloring and stickers. These would make a great Halloween craft allowing children to make their own halloween cards or coloring sheets. You can save completed, or uncolored, pictures to your camera roll and print them from there.



This is a fun storybook app for Halloween with lots of monsters and vampires, although it has some scary parts in the middle it has a happy ending. It is a good way to introduce the plot to young children before taking them to see the movie, so they are less likely to be scared and also fun to read after watching the movie. The storybook app would also be a good Halloween read even for kids who have not seen the movie. Despite its monster theme the overall message of the book and movie is a very positive one- learning to love someone for who they are, no matter what their differences are from you. It is a universal theme that can be extrapolated to help children to accept all kinds of differences- racial, religious, ethnicity or disabilities.

The app does have a screen showing more Cupcake apps and a parent information section with external links including social media links. The appstore links and parent information area have a parental gate that requires entering your birth year.

iTunes Link: Hotel Transylvania 2 Official Storybook App – CUPCAKE DIGITAL INC

Hotel Transylvania 2 Official Storybook App Hotel Transylvania 2 Official Storybook App by CUPCAKE DIGITAL INC.

Price: $2.99 USD

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