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What we love…

Beautiful illustrations, cute character

What we’d love to see…

option to select language for entire book instead of just page by page, auto play option for the story to be read out automatically as you turn the pages instead of needing to select narration on every page


This cute little storybook app filled with beautiful illustrations, interactions and travel facts is great for little ones to learn about the art, history, culture and food of the Netherlands and the Dutch language.

Our Rating

Little Lamb in Amsterdam

Little Lamb in Amsterdam by Joshua and Donna Wilson from The Happy Dandelion is a cute story of a little lamb that takes a bike ride across the Netherlands. This storybook app has text and narration available in both English and Dutch. It has an instructions page, a contents page where little ones can easily return to a favorite page, a brief history of Netherlands and a map of the country. The app has no in-app purchases, third party ads, external or social media links.

Little Lamb lived on a farm outside a small village with her mum. One day she wondered what lay outside her gate so she decided to go on a bicycle trip to see the country for herself.  She rode through an old fishing town, old windmills and past fields after fields of tulips. She stopped on the way to try on some traditional wooden shoes, eat some flowers and take in the sights.

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She took a break by the seaside and then made her way to the capital city of Amsterdam where she did some window shopping and sightseeing along the canals.

She tried a variety of meals at a Dutch restaurant before heading out to some great museums.

She was admiring paintings when she started to feel homesick and decided to ride back home to the farm and be reunited with her mother.

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This little storybook app is not only cute but also interactive which means little ones will find it engaging. Pages can be turned with just one swipe. The story can be read out in either English or Dutch with the option of additional information which can be accessed by a pop up bar at the bottom of the screen where information can also be read out in either English or Dutch.

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This cute app would be perfect if we were able to select the language of choice from the beginning and if the story was read out from the start rather than having to select the flag on every page each time we want the story to be read out.
Overall we really liked this cute app, my daughter thought Little Lamb was very cute and her favourite bit was when Little Lamb went to a Dutch restaurant and tried all the different food. This app is great for little ones to learn about the art, history, culture and food in Netherlands and the Dutch language.

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